why the 2011 Patriots are not the 2010,2009 or even 2007 Patriots

I have heard it from many talking heads on the TV that the Patriots are not good and will be one and done. I hear that there the same team from last season or even worse than that. I hear that there defense is terrible and couldn’t stop a thought.

I had to dismiss all this garbage from these so called "experts". The truth is not so easy and plays a different sport. Seriously though, I will list their complaints and reasons of our Patriots demise and I will explain why these experts are so off base.

"The Patriots have lost 3 playoff games in a row". This statement of course is accurate in fact and misleading in truth. Last year we had a team that was made up of 60% new players and a whole bunch of rookies just cutting their teeth in the NFL. They all will be that much smarter, but also that much tougher. I believe that the word is seasoned. Just looking at the TE position are Gronk & A bomb better than last year?

2010 out of the way, now 2009 was the year that Welker the white had his knee incident and we were shelled by Baltimore, with a huge pass rush and not much in the way of blocking for Brady. This year Waters(damn never thought he would have been available. he has held our line together all season, thanks Brian), Solder, Cannon all fortify the front “to keep calm and keep Brady on". Welker had a pretty good season. Not to mention that our offense is more diverse and don’t rely on Moss, Welker, Welker, Moss.

The game that shall not be named. Well, to me this is a dead subject. We all saw what happened, we all know why. I will say the deciding play was a week before against Pittsburgh. Vince took the Burger and threw him to the ground. He did not drive him into the ground nor fall on top of him. Yet there was that yellow flag for "ruffing the passer" . I have said enough on that.

"Their defense is terrible and isn't SB quality". This one I really have to laugh at. Have you watched any football for the past 5 years? Except for 3-4 teams a year most defenses are terrible and get lit up on any night. The rules that have been enforced have greatly helped the offense and really didn’t help the defense. How many people went over 5K yards this season 3, 4? Before this it was just Danny. I am not excusing there play and I am not too pleased with how they get gashed almost every play in the 1st quarter.

I have found one thing that makes me a happy camper about this defense. Adjustments for the better happen. Last game in the 2nd quarter, but in weeks past at half time. The defense looks at what the other team is doing and adjust correctly to stop it. I haven't seen these adjustments from our defense in a long, long time. 2004, I think. Not saying the Patriots will get the 2nd half average points through the playoffs that were gotten in the past 8 weeks. If you give this offense an extra possession you will at your own risk.

“If Tom Brady has a bad game this team is sunk”. OK I am going to agree on that one. This team is built around Tom and they go as Brady goes. I would like to point out that if ANY QB has a bad game in the playoffs there team will have great difficulty winning. Green Bay, New Orleans are considered favorites at this late in the season and either could go home this weekend if Rogers or Breeze has a bad game. Rogers has to face that crazy D-line of NYG and could be in for a rude awakening. Breeze has to work through the tight coverage from San Fran and he could be seeing a pick 6 in his game. As for our the other AFC game, both QB are marginal. I always expected more out of Flacco and I would be most concerned with him against the Pats defense. Either one is not the quality of Brady, Rogers and Breeze. TJ Yates is to me an unknown. He really couldn’t take advantage against a porous Cinncy defense that was missing 3 starting DB.

What do I expect? I expect that Tom will be vintage Tom and the Patriots will end up with a similar score to the last game. I know everyone is talking about how the Denver turned the ball over 3 times in the 2nd quarter and basically gave the game away. What I would like to point out that the 1st 3 drives for Denver they scored. They were playing at home with a 7 game win streak on the line. To say they were amped would probably understate it. I expect BB to play cover 3 to eliminate(or just limit) the deep pass. I expect Tim Tebow to throw the ball 30 times and complete less than half. Patriots 38-24.

2 More wins to the Super Bowl. 3 more destiny awaits for Tom, Bill and Myra. The last one there is the most important. That is what is different than all the other playoff games and teams in the near past. Our team will go out this weekend and play for her memory and the man that brought us football this season Mr. Kraft. They will play with energy and effort. On Sunday they’ll be waiting for the next “winner”.

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