Why the pats arn't the Saints or Packers and how the Ravens can beat us.

Ok so I write long posts and never get responses but i like writing them anyways. Here is another one concentrating on two things. Why we are not the Saints or Packers and just because their offense heavy teams lost doesn't mean that we will. Then what the Ravens need to do in order to win. I am a Raven's fan second and root for them anytime they are NOT playing the Pats. More after the break on these two points.

My wife is a Saints fan but even she knows their D is just bad. They have relied on turnovers and never got them this year. Moreover they just haven't tackled all year and didn't in this game. Compounding this was the fact that they did not make adjustments they just kept blitzing when they were getting lit up doing this, when they should have played almost a soft zone prevent they were blitzing and got burnt on the last two drives. At the very least they should have taken it to OT and with the new format it could have gotten interesting.

How we are different is that we are coming into our own right now and we are tackling unlike NO. We also have BB and make defensive adjustments to the extent that we have changed from 4-3 to 3-4 mid-game this season.

I picked the Giants to beat the Packers before the playoffs began and was sure of this. This is because a timing offense like GB on 3 weeks rest never plays well. I was sadly 100% sure of this with 1/2 the team attending a funeral for a tragic death on Friday. This is an incredible tiring experience. There is no fatigue greater than the fear of death like combat but second to that are highly emotional times. The team would have been fresher with a 3 a day on Friday as opposed to a funeral. Their D has become predictable, you know that Clay Matthews is going to blitz and beyond that there is little else going on of interest. They just haven't tackled either and didn't during this game and 12 yard catches became 60 yard TDs.

How are we different is the same as above, basically we tackle. If we do this and keep the game in front of us we will be fine.

Second point is taking a Ravens fan's honest perspective how can "we" beat the pats.

First here Ray Rice has to have a good game. We can do this by being spotted points like Houston did by mistakes either in the special teams of with a strip sack by Suggs a la 2009. If Rice gets going we can have drives that take 5-7 minutes off the clock and reduce the number of times Brady gets the ball. If we do this well we might limit Brady to 8 drives in this game, this will mean he would need a TD every other drive to just hit 28 pts. Not on our defense. If we soften them up we can PA and get a big play to break the game open too.

This is about the only way the Ravens can win this game, if they go down early its game over. People complained that the Pats can only play ahead a la the Saints but we just score and can come back if down, its a lot harder to try to come back when you rely on running and D. You really don't get the Pats D to have to change what they do offensively but we can sure get them to have to abandon what they do best. On D I think we can keep them from having long drives and even if we don't and we both get 8 drives in this game, do you think the Ravens D can get TD off long drives? I don't and if they get a FG every other drive thats 12 points, add a TD in there thats 16 points, is that enough to beat the Pats? Hell no. So make it two TDs in this senario and its 20 points and i still think this O can get that even if in 8 drives. If our D gets just one short field for the O its a disaster for the Ravens. When i analyze it from both sides I see ways the Ravens can win but they are fewer than the ways the Pats can win and there are so many other ways the game can go where the Ravens are out of this game early.

So in Summary we are not anything like the Saints or Packers and if I look at the game from the Raven's perspective I see this a lot like what the Colts used to do to the Ravens great D, they would score less than against other teams but not nearly few enough that the Ravens could match. And that was against those bad Colts D's of years past, our D is not as bad as its made out to be.

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