Mixed Feelings about Tonight

#1: Super Bowl Baby. Happy to see this much maligned team overcome all it's flaws and bad play to get to the Super Bowl, and finally get that playoff monkey off it's back.

#2: 49ers lost uggg. Hate to see us facing a balanced team in SB. They are a better match-up than if we were facing the Saints or Packers, but they aren't necessarily a "great" match-up for the patriots.

#3: Those Damned Football Gods! Hate to see the Giants (of all teams to potentially lose to) in the SB. It's a team I don't HATE like the Jets, but I admit a strongly dislike their QB Eli Manning and for Brady to potentially be 0-2 IN SBs against him would be beyond awful.

#4: Final stop on Revenge Tour? Although I would hate to lose to those Giants, I would also love to beat (of all teams to potentially beat) those Giants. Complete our revenge get Brady his 4th ring, get BB his 6th ring, coach and QB go down as GOAT, and call it a successful season.

#5: Confident in our chances. They are not particularly dominant on either side of the ball. We have the ability on D to hold them under 30 and have the ability on O to score 30, BUT WE NEED TO PLAY GREAT, OPPORTUNISTIC, COMPLIMENTARY, MISTAKE FREE FOOTBALL for both of those things to happen (this was probably our MO in 2010 not so much in 2011). We have also faced this team before and BB has 2 weeks to prepare for a team he already faced (and lost to, which is an important factor also).

#6: The Offense? We can't seem to score 30 pts on the really good teams we've faced all season. If they have a competent QB (can take a snap without fumbling, won't blindly throw Hail Mary passes, and careless red zone picks) and a good defense we are in trouble. Branch is contributing little when the Defense plays tight, and he's our no. 2 WR and is on the field a lot! And we put Edelman (STer) as our outside WR? And used Matthew Slater (STer) as our deep guy? That did more harm then good (2 ints). Seriously enough with Slater on the other 2 phases of the game it never ends well.

#7: Dear Patriots coaching staff, if ANY GAME would be the game to give Ocho a decent amount of snaps THIS IS IT!!! He got open on the Giants CBs before, he can do it again. But in all honesty I don't even know where he stands with the pats/Brady right now. He probably hasn't earned his trust, he hasn't gotten any significant snaps in a while, and the pats do not really show any desire to give him those snaps anyway. If they are giving Edelman and Underwood more snaps than you on a consistent basis, then you might be done.

#8: DON'T LOSE THE SB!!! It's sets your Franchise back for at least a couple years. Sometimes they just never recover. Look at our past 5 SB losers.

2010 - Steelers Tebow'd in the playoffs the following year

2009 -Colts: Sucked in 2010, Manning was a pick machine for a small stretch, then was bounced by the Jets on a last second drive. Next year, 2-14. Nuff said

2008 - Cardinals: Following year they made the playoffs, won a playoff game but got beat so bad by the Saints that their star QB retired. Combined record the following 2 years. 13-19 with John Skelton leading them at QB. John Skelton...

2007- Patriots: Brady went down WEEK 1 the next season, and they missed the playoffs as a result. Following year had a mentally weak team, couldn't win on the road all year, lost their star WR in a meaningless game in WEEK 17, and got blown out at home as a result. 2010 got the #1 seed only to be one and doned by their hated rivals at home whom they blew out only a few weeks prior.

2006 Bears: Finished last in the NFC North the following year. Went 9-7and missed the playoffs in 2008, then switch their record in 09 after trading for a pro bowl QB who would go on to throw 26 ints that year. That's THREE STRAIGHT YEARS OF MISSING THE PLAYOFFS AFTER BEING A SUPER BOWL TEAM.

2002-Raiders. Have the Raiders even sniffed a playoff game ever since?

#9: I just wanna savor this moment. This may be one of the last times we are in the big game since Brady is edging closer and closer toward the end, and BB long term status is up in the air.. So let's just appreciate this moment Pats fans and now that we sure are lucky to be in the situation we are in.

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