New England Patriots Links 1/23/12 - AFC Champions Edition: Defense Delivers

Patriots Post-game quotes. Just a sampling here, click on the link for more.

Jerod Mayo (On reaching the Super Bowl)

"I got my first playoff win this year and I have my first AFC Championship win. Just seeing guys like Rodney [Harrison] and Drew [Bledsoe] come back - guys like that - and being able to continue on with the legacy of winning. Hopefully we can get one more. It's huge for me."

Brandon Spikes (On the defense forcing the Ravens to kick a field goal at the end)

"It is the mental toughness. We have been talking about it all year. Baltimore is a great team but we made a stop."

Matt Light (On what was going through his mind when Billy Cundiff lined up for the potential game-tying field goal)

"I had my eyes closed, man. I wasn't going to watch that one. That was a little too much stress for this guy, but it was unbelievable man. Things happen for a reason."

Sterling Moore (On when Evans caught the ball what was going through your mind)

"It wasn't in my mind to slap the ball out, it was just a split second decision and I'm glad it worked out. We do that drill every day in practice (stripping the ball) but it was the first time I had to use it in a game and I just took what I learned from practice into the game."

Aaron Hernandez (On what motivates the team)

"The thing about this team is that we have a lot of competitive players who love the game and play with their hearts. We all came out and fought. We fought all week in practice and we were ready for this game."

Rob Gronkowski (On the team's emotions after the game)

"Emotions are flying high. It's unbelievable. It's my second year in the league, playing with a great team, and you have to enjoy the moment. It doesn't even feel right, especially playing with the veterans here. I watched them go to the Super Bowl as I was growing up and now I'm part of it? It is an unreal moment and you can't take it for granted."

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (On how inspiring the crowd was)

"It was good to get them going. It was loud in there at times, especially on those last couple drives. We need that ‘12th man.' This was the last home game of the season, so I hope they blew out all their lungs and their vocal boxes and everything [laughter]."

Shaun Ellis (On what it says about the Patriots that they can win even when the offense struggled)

"We're a relentless bunch of guys. Even though the game is not going right, we can just keep it manageable or just take it over. We have Tom Brady. He can makes things happen. But today it came down to the defense. The offense has been bailing us out all year. And today, it was our turn. Last week and today, it was our turn to return the favor."





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