From a Bronco Fan

I don't know how old you are but there are bound to be a few that remember 'Ronko'...if that's how its spelled. Ronko was one of the original 'Sell Anything' companies. It was really fond of kitchen gadgets that slice or dice or chop vegetabels into oblivion. Ronko (if that's how its spelled) I think even tried the toy buisness for a spell...but it is the 'Slice or Dice' that I remember.

You have a number of Ronko machines on your team and I could easily go on a rant of your Gronko machine but your real Ronko machine is named Brady. I love, once in a while, a good run-on sentence. Anyway back to my thought.

I have been a Bronco fan since 1962. Because of where I lived, high eastern plains of Utah, we only picked up one station which happened to be NBC. Funny how it was back then...TV funny I mean...when you compare it today. The early years of loving a team are forever and I will forever love the Broncos. The early years can also be strange when your team stinks. Its funny that you can learn to love a game even when your team stinks. I think its because you learn to love players.

Some of the heroes from my team were: Austin 'Goose' Gonsoulin, who invented the 'Free Safety' position, lead the AFL in INTs when he retired, and should be in the Hall: Lionel Taylor (also should be in the Hall) as the first receiver to catch 100 passes in a season: another I really liked was Marlin Briscoe (the first black QB) and was very exciting. When your team stinks you also learn to like other teams and learn to love special players.

Funny names like 'Merrydeath' 'White' 'Butt-Kiss' 'cZonk-You' became part of my cache for reasons to watch.

I can never love your Patriots but I can like them. I can, however, love the two 'Ronkos' you guys enjoy. I can love Brady...the purest of to slice and dice any vegetable set before him. And Coach Bill ( I think one of the best coaches ever) who sliced and diced and chopped my beloved Broncos twice this year.

I'm all in for you guys...not just because of the respect for your team...but I hate the Giants. I'm an old AFL fan so now AFC fan. The only AFC team I root against is the Steelers. In a Playoff game back in 1977 (long after the play was over) Mean-Joe Green sucker-punched one of our players in the gut. It was missed by the refs but caught on camera.

With my team still in a re-build stage...beating Pit last week is a fine fine feeling.

If this post makes no sense, don't worry, none of my posts do. I do tend to make friends when I do I do it again.

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