tommy of the week/i heart wes welker


well kids, we’re going to the super bowl.

from the totw archives, 10/18/10: you can't blame the baltimore ravens for hating the patriots. every year, it looks like they're going to beat us, and every year, we snatch the victory from their hands right at the last second. this sunday was no exception...with yet another improbable win. sucks to be a raven.

now let’s hope that’s the last bit of history repeating we see this season!

it was a nerve-wracking, nail-biting, turn-my-back-on-the-tv-and-pray kinda game against the ravens last sunday, and it took a lot of perseverance and a little luck for our patriots to squeak by with the win. still, squeak we did – and now we’re going to indy. who’da thunk?

there’s something about the ravens that sets tommy off-kilter, and our fearless quarterback barely mustered 239 yards – with two interceptions and no touchdowns. the only consolation in watching tommy struggle is knowing that he’s even more frustrated by it than i am. at least he always gets fired up and gets in the ravens’ faces. ray lewis really should know better.

in i heart wes welker news, wes got engaged this week! since he still has that stupid mustache, i’m not that bummed – though i’d rest more easily knowing the super bowl had his undivided attention. besides, i suspect tommy’s more jealous than i am!

it was our defense that kept us in this game against the ravens, and that’s where i’m headed with this week’s totw. but first, honorable mention goes to stephen gostkowski. most of us were disappointed to “walk away with a field goal” on several drives during this game...but given cardiff’s miss and our winning margin, stephen’s perfection (3/3 FG) should be both noted and commended. nevertheless, this week’s tommy is going to sterling moore. i know he just got it a few weeks ago, i know he’s rookie, and i know there were other cases to be made...but if not for moore’s push-out of evan’s touchdown reception very late in the fourth, we’d have been eating crow instead of raven. sterling indeed.

we play the giants in the super bowl next sunday, and i’ll have more on that in the tommy of the bye. in the meantime, our pats leave for indy today, so think your happy patriots thoughts in full force. look how effectively that worked last weekend!

have a great week, and go pats!

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