The Perfect Script

I am not a religious man, nor a believer in fate or destiny, but sports has a sick humor to people like me.

Looking in recent years of sports, sports has given us some of the best games in recent history and give a great feel good story. Let's review: (There are probably a lot of games that I'm leaving out but these are the ones that are popping up on the top of my head)

2004: [Baseball] Boston Red Sox come back from 0-3 in a best-of-seven against the New York Yankees, their lifelong rival, in the ALCS that took them to win their first World Series in 86 years.

2008: [Football] The England Patriots are the first team in history to be perfect throughout the regular season and make it to the Super Bowl at 18-0 after three years of winning their last championship to fall against their sports rival city, the New York Giants, who were a wild card underdog throughout the whole season.

2008: [Soccer] The Spanish National team has always been known to be chokes when it comes to big games and they win their first big championship in the 2008 Euro Cup. (They also eventually win the FIFA World Cup for the first time in history two years later)

2010: [Football] The Indianapolis Colts have been a dominating team in the last decade and won a Super Bowl Championship three years prior to lose to a team that has never won a Super Bowl. This win for the New Orleans Saints was very symbolic for the people of New Orleans that were hit with Hurricane Katrina a few years before that.

2010: [Basketball] The Los Angeles Lakers get a rematch and beat against a team that defeated them in the NBA Finals two years prior.

2011: [Football] The Pittsburgh Steelers return to their third Super Bowl in five years after winning the previous two. The Green Bay Packers were wild cards and won the Super Bowl with a quarterback that replaced a legend three years into this season career with Green Bay.

2011: [Soccer] The US Women's National Team are the best team in women's soccer and they face against a Japanese team that was an underdog throughout the FIFA Women's World Cup. Japan was crippled after being hit a devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier that year. Japan wins against great odds against the USWNT with a win to hope spark a quick recovery to their country.

2011: [Basketball] The Dallas Mavericks face the "dream team" of the Miami Heat in a championship rematch. After facing many critics of having players that will never win a championship and being too old, the Mavericks avenge the loss that occurred five years before to bring a championship home to Dallas for the first time in franchise history.

2012: [Football] The New England Patriots come into the 2011 season with a monkey on their back of not being able to win a playoff game since their 18-1 season. For the previous two seasons, they have been one-and-done. But this season, not only do they finally get the monkey off their back, they win the game after that and are back in the Super Bowl. The New York Giants are coming off a 7-7 start and snowballed against their very difficult opponents to make the same exact run that won their Super Bowl four seasons before to send them back into the same Super Bowl that the Patriots are in to give us this great rematch.

There are probably a lot of games/matches that I missed and I apologize, but I think you guys get the point. If you look at the football stuff, teams that returned to the Super Bowl (NE, Pitt, Indy) have suffered a defeat. I feel that they were rewarded for their dominance but they weren't allowed to achieve greatest without the taste of defeat. I hope the script is written that the Giants won their recent championship and basked in all its glory and are able to taste defeat in this unforgettable rematch.

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