Reviewing the Sunday Morning Massacre of Buffalo

The Patriots broke Buffalo spirits and bodies in a classic Pats/Bills match-up.

The Bad:

Scott Chandler's 1st TD comes as a result of the Bills getting excellent field position following the Gronk-fumble, which was more of a great play by FS Jarius Byrd to jar it loose than anything else. The Bills start at the NE-24. They have a bunch-formation on the strong side and aim to go right for the end zone. Patrick Chung ends up covering the TE, which is a mismatch given Chandler's size and athleticism. 24 yards and a TD.

RB Fred Jackson is out-wide and draw WLB Jerod Mayo in coverage. You can't complain about Mayo's coverage, Jackson/Fitzpatrick made a great play that was just about impossible to defend. 34 yards.


Scott Chander's 2nd TD was not on SS Patrick Chung but instead MLB Brandon Spikes who lost him in coverage. Chung only looks responsible because Spikes is nowhere near Chandler, who Spikes was suppose to be underneath on.

The huge Donald Jones reception for a TD. The blame starts with CB Kyle Arrington, who had Jones in coverage in the slot where he's usually better than usual. Arrington never seems to realize it's coming at his man. Then Patrick Chung takes a bad angle. Then FS Steve Gregory takes a bad angle and also misses. Those three all share some blame for that. 68 yards and a TD.

The Brad Smith TD. Nate Ebner looked responsible for him, and looked like someone who's still figuring out what good coverage is. He's still a project but had to come on because Gregory was dinged up. 35 yards and a TD.

This, combined with the great plays by FS Jarius Byrd to get 2 FFs and the big PD by Stephon Gilmore in the end-zone, are the only things the Bills had to be happy about. They were very lucky to get decent field position off of 2 missed-FGs by Gostkowski. Trust me when I say this this could have easily been a blowout from the very beginning.

The Good:

The Pats needed someone to step in for Edelman, and while Fells is probably going to need time to get worked in as a receiver, he's a heck of a blocker. Him, Gronk, Whoman, Solder, Thomas, Wendell, Connolly, and Vollmer all seemed to be killing people. Ridley and Boldin were making defenders scared to try to tackle them. And here lies the strength of the 12-set(2WR/2TE/1RB). The Pats have suffered in recent years when teams went dime and got pressure with just 3-4 guys while dropping the rest into coverage. The Jets and Giants used a lot of 6-7 DB sets. Now with a legit run-game the Pats can do what they did to the Bills by sending ferocious attacks of Boldin and Ridley into those lightweight 7-DB packages.

Then there was the pass-protection and especially the quarterbacking. Superb. What more is there to say?

The utter domination of the Buffalo Bills offensive line was surprising. They were suppose to have the best offensive line in the league. The Pats showed more confidence in their guys, switching and moving them all over the place to embarrass the Bills at home. Their starting RG went down with injury, their starting LT, their #1 TE, their #2 WR, and their #1 S but trust me a lot more of them are feeling sore after that game. The Pats broke their spirits and their bodies.

Devin McCourty finally stopping dropping interceptions, seizing upon his 4th and 5th opportunity of the season for his 1st and 2nd interception.

Brandon Spikes looks like he was made to stop the run. Maybe we'll see him play up-front more on their passing-looks? Oh, that Mayo guy wasn't bad, and before going down with injury(supposedly minor) I thought Hightower looked good especially when he chased down Fitzpatrick for the sack.

Chandler Jones looked far superior than Mario Williams. He leads all rookies in sacks and is sooner or later going to have a breakout game.

I've been wanting more of Wilson and Cunningham and I was happy with what I got. Cunningham provided some good pressure while Wilson recovered another fumble(his 2nd) and intercepted another pass(his 2nd, leading amongst rookies).

Rob Ninkovich had his best game of the season and probably one of his best games yet.

Vince Wilfork is a bad man.

Coming up:

With RG Kuper(Denver co-captain) and OC Waldon down, the Denver interior O-Line is going to find quite the wall of Wilfork Love waiting for them in New England. Oh, and if there's a RG-down, you know Cunningham is going to have fun on passing-downs. The best part is, it's long-time Patriot Dan Koppen starting at OC. The Pats will know what to do.

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