Immediate Thoughts after the game

Here are my thoughts here. the defense played below average, the offense played average.

Our TEAM played bad today. Our TEAM lost this game. The seahawks defense was great in the 2nd half. Seattles offense took advantage of our weak safeties.

Brady threw for over 50 freakin' times. That is UNACCEPTABLE. But what can you do when your team cannot run the ball? Great kudos to Seattle and their #1 defense. This is why a running game is so important.

But hey,, there were other factors. No doubt Seattle's stadium is just amazing, but the rain certainly did not help our passing game today.

Early on, our offense looked really good, especially Welker. And our defense was getting turnovers. But eventually, like has been the case for most of this season, our offense is INCONSISTENT AS HELL.

The game is laid down for both sides. Our offense was not doing anything in the 2nd half, and despite Seattle's defense and the rain and the crowd, this pats offense was infinitely better than what was gong on. We could move the ball on offense.

Couple of complaints. Brady should NEVER throw deep to a 5'9" WR against a 6'3" CB. That is just DUMB. And his 2nd INT was just killer. A field goal would end the game right then and there.

Our safeties are atrocious. I'm glad they took out Arrington at the #2 spot, however, the secondary blunders fall on the safeties. McCourty for the most part was great. Dennard was doing really well. But when it comes to a deep pass, you cannot just feel confident that a safety will be there to defend it.

Outside of that, and the inconsistent offense, i thought everything else was good. We got pressure a lot, stopped the run a lot. Not much else I could ask for other than more offensive consistency and more consistency in our defense. The latter being a far cry pretty much, because I cannot see our safeties being any better in coverage this year.

I am an advocate of putting Wilson at SS, and Sterling Moore at FS. We need people who have ball skills.

Keep in mind this was against the #1 defense too though, so I should give them some credit as well. And I should give Russel WIlson credit too. But our safeties and offensive inconsistency is killing me. Glad they at least took Arrington out though.

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