Should the pats change their defensive philosophy?

I'm not BB. I will never be BB, in terms of intelligence nor humor.

But I can't help but feeling that his defensive philosophy is not working. The way I see it, the philosophy is:

1) Stop the run

2) Force a long 3rd down

They strengthened the middle of their DL with two big bodies, grabbed two outside guys who can not only rush, but contain. And their LBs? Athletic enough to cover the middle of the field, and be tough against the run.

So how about the secondary? What's going on there?

Again, force the long third down, and what do you see? CBs playing off coverage. Now I doubt they are playing man to man too. It feels more like zone, but in any case, they are playing off 5+ yards from the WR.

And how about the Safeties? Heck they don't just seem to have the awareness vs. the pass yet. To diagnose what's going on, and make the right read. That's what Rodney did with us, he was our secondary coach, our Bill Belichick. We have no one there atm that can do that. I think Gregory is the closest guy we have, and that's.... okay but not enough.

So they force the long 3rd down, and what happens? They normally complete it. So in that instance, BB wants to stop the run, and force a long 3rd down. But teams pass it as well, even on all three downs.

So what happens when they pass it? Well Jones, Wilfork, and Nink all rush the passer, and they are pretty good at it. Having hightower back will strengthen our middle of the field defense. But we get beat by two thing: The falt, and the deep pass.

The flat we don't always have trouble with. The other team gets a good play out of that on occasion, though it may feel like a lot. BUt then we have that deep pass again.... which teams on any down could complete against us. The players that are supposed to prevent the deep pass fall into the hands of safeties.

Will gregory coming back help this significantly? I don't know. But it begs a question. Should we change our defensive philosophy, and is it the players simply not executing?

And do I have any idea what we could change it too? Does a 3-2-6 sound good?



McCourty--Chung--Wilson--Dennard--Arrington--Gregory (or Dowling)

Sounds stupid I'm sure. Lets face it, I am not BB. Perhaps I think he should have the CBs play more agressive up front, and have both safeties just be in deep zone all game. Idk. I hope he has a solution. Either tweak player roles, or change the philosophy.

What do you guys think?

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