Jack's Immediate Thoughts After the Game

Both the Jets and Pats left plays on the field. On both sides, there were mistakes, and key plays not being executed.

The pass defense is a big issue. Though most of those BIG yardage plays came against Arrington, who only lord knows why BB still has him on the field over Dowling. Arrington sucks. Period, and I'm not surprised teh Jets picked on him, and put Kerley on him.

Speaking of Dowling, he looked real good this game too.

People worry about the "clutch gene." Brady and the offense was BAD this game though. First half, punted on 4 of it's 5 possessions. I liked Brady's last drive. Looked vintage Brady. But the offense is still VERY inconsistent, and that's scares the hell out of me.

Run defense was good, but not great. Jets have a strong interior line, and I haven't seen TOO too many explosions from Spikes at the OL. Happy Hightower is back though, and even got a sack too.

McDaniels should get kicked in the back of the face. Too many draw plays, and when Brady is ON, he runs the ball again. It frustrates me.

Lloyd did pretty good against Cromartie. Couple of drops though despite getting open.

I like McCourty at Safety though, with Wilson. Just need to get rid of Arrington... ugh.

Dennard had his first bad game of the year. Multiple penalties, and he was doing his best to be worse than Arrington.

McCourty did really good though. not many deep passes toward him, and he was found doing very well in helping CBs deep. Also, not bad on that kick return TD McCourty. Not bad. Though very bad on that fumble...

Sterling Moore wasn't targeted. Yay!

Chandler Jones was silent for the most part. They didn't run toward his side often though, and he allowed Love, Wilfork, and Nink to make plays.

I could go on and on. But bottom line, the pats overall were bad this game. The Jets were doing well, but the Pats were just plain bad. Open zones were open, and the offense is just too inconsistent... though I have no idea why.

I loved seeing Vereen though. Ridley did pretty well. GRONK was great. Welker was really good. OL did well, and Brady did well.

This pats team MUST get improved. Arrington must go, and playcalling must be better. I'm so happy Gost made a clutch kick, and I'm very happy Brady did his thing on the last drive in the 4th. I'm very happy too that the defense in overtime made some really good plays.

TIme to move on, and hopefully BB improves this team.

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