Immediate Thoughts after the game

The stat that surprises me most is our 251 yards rushing. I can safely say that Ridley and Bolden provide a top 5 rushing tandem in the NFL.

Defense is still having trouble against the pass. But for some reason they have a knack for making the play when it matters. NInk had another great game, forcing two fumbles, and getting a sack. Jones was held all game, and nearly got sacks in two separate occasions anyways. I feel bad for the guy. I feel like he should have 8 sacks by now.

We clearly missed Hightower. As serviceable as White is, Hightower is just better against the pass, and tons tougher against the run and can pass rush.

McCourty had an up and down day. There were times where he was stuck to his man like glue. Times when he was beat, and times when he was just unlucky (TD pass, and long pass to DT were GREAT plays that would be tough for any CB to make a play against. Though to be fair on the TD pass, if he turned his head, he would have broken that up anyways. DT just stopped and fell backwards on that long catch).

Dennard's rookie debut looked very promising. Reminds me of Dowling's debut in 2011. And speaking of Dowling, I saw him make one good tackle. Yay. But we can all agree that these two should at least get reps taken away from Arrington and Moore. Frustrating to watch them then McCourty.

Our run defense is just looking top 10. WHich is fine by me. WOuld look better with HIghtower in there.

May has 13 tackles and a sack on the day. 12 of those tackles came in the 1st half though. 0.o

Looking forward to Hernandez replacing Fells at TE. Despite Fells ability to block, he is not the game changing weapon that hernandez is. Certainly would help Brady greatly when teams are too focused on Welker and Gronk, and leave Lloyd one on one with someone probably. Herndo in there just makes them tons better than their currently ranked #1 offense is.

Ridley and Bolden are such a treat to watch. I like it when teams underrate them. Makes it even better when they gash a defense for over 150-200 yards.

Welker needs to get paid. I can't count how many times he saved Brady. I don't care if he asks for 100 million. PAY THAT MAN BILL!

No Gronk TD spike today. But he at least got some bruising yards.

OL played up and down. I heard that Mankins and Vollmer were out at some points???? Hopefully nothing to worry about. They did miss some blitz pickups, but also Brady needs to learn not to act like a pigeon whenever he senses the slightest hint of pressure. Make like Sanchez, and throw it away.

This game felt like Brady vs. Manning game late. Too bad there was such dominance on both sides of the ball in the first half for us. We still need to play 60 minutes, and I'm glad that the team did enough to win the game. Facing Seattle next week, and I hope our OL is ready. They have a great pass rush (and I mean GREAT), and I can see WIlson throwing well against this defense. Unless Bill decides to start Dennard Over Arrington, and Dowling over Moore (or perhaps Arrington takes his place). I think our passing defense would be better off.

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