Ask A Bills Fan!

Good afternoon soon to be 6-3 New England Patriots. Since you were on a bye week I figured we could get to the fun early in the week.

Here's what you need to know that you already know:


We have issues stopping the run.

We have issues stopping the pass.

We have issues consistently getting to the QB.

Our linebackers aren't very good.

Our defensive scheme is so vanilla Brady is going to have you up by 30 before the half.

We can't cover a TE let alone the best TE in the game, Fantasy owners start Gronk!

Did I mention we can't stop the run or the pass? O.K. just making sure.

Remember back in 2007 when it was 56-10? Well somehow our defense is worse than then. Awesome!

Buffalo is on a 1-17 streak against the Pats, Chan Gailey is 1-4 and about to be 1-5.

Our corners are pretty awful but Gilmore could actually end up being the real deal.

Byrd and K. Williams are still our best players.

Dareus and Mario are 2 darn lazy players right now.

Kelsay still can't figure out a misdirection.


We have 2 good RBs that we don't like to use. We ran the ball 12 times against the Texans. Yay!

We like to rely on a QB who is inaccurate, has a penchant for turnovers and cannot throw the ball accurately over 15 yards.

We actually have a decent offensive line, but that really doesn't matter as we prefer to "move our offense" with a QB who is inconsistent and will miss wide open throws or turn the ball over when a critical situation arrives.

Our WR's are "meh". With Stevie being good but he was hurt so I don't know how effective he will be.

We spent a 3rd round pick on a burner in T.J. Graham, who is really fast, but has a QB who cannot throw the ball to him.

If you play in your base defense, flood the short zones Fitz will lose the game.


Inability to make halftime adjustments.

Extremely vanilla on defense that is yielding one of the worst defense in NFL history. Not just the 2012 season.

Get too cute instead of just imposing their will on an opponent.

No accountability to their players, seemingly at least.

Chan is a good OC, but not a good HC. However he's our HC so you do the math.

Fan Sentiment

Not sure if you could tell but some of us fans are "down in the dumpster" a little bit. This isn't some MMQB issue as we've just plain had the wind sucked out of us after we couldn't beat the lowly Titans. Our GM came out this week and said Chan won't get fired (more or less) but did say that franchise QB is a priority (shocking insight, huh?).

I think most fans are at the point where we've been a lot during the past 13 years. See no light on the horizon, no culture change and an inability to think we'll actually win. This is a team that consistently puts an awful product out on the football field and 2012 is no exception to that. Most of us don't plan on seeing games in December as we have almost a full slate of home games but expect to have maybe 4 wins by December and such most of the games will be blacked out. Which will end up being a good thing so Bills fans don't have to waste Sunday's watching an awful product.

Bills vs Pats

Normally in a section like this you tell the opponent, you have to stop X or you have to do Y. But really you don't have to do anything special. Just play typical 60 minute Patriot football, try to leave healthy, and then improve to 6-3. It's not really that difficult as the Bills completely wither against good football teams and clearly cannot play on the same level as teams like the Patriots, Texans, 49er's etc...

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