This Game Rides On Josh

San Francisco 49ers lose to Minnesota Vikings 13-24. Ponders throws for less than 200 yards, but 0 picks. AP rushes 25 times for 86 yards.

San Francisco 49ers bash Green Bay Packer 34-22. Rodgers throws 44 times for 303 and 1 int. Cedric Benson touches the ball 8 times.

San Francisco 49ers lose to New York Giants 26-3. Manning throws for less than 200 yards, but 0 picks. Ahmad Bradshaw rushes the ball 27 times for 116 and a TD.

San Francisco 49ers bash New Orleans Saints 31-21. Brees throws for 3 TDs and 2 ints. Chris Ivory runs the ball 8 times.

San Francisco 49ers tie St. Louis Rams 24-24. Bradford throws the ball for 315 yards and 2 TDs and no picks. The Rams rush the ball 37 times for for 159 yards and 1 TD.

The Niners do not allow a lot of points. They don't care how well you pass the rock, they don't care about the weapons you have through the air, they just hold you to FGs and force TOs. That's what they do, and that's who they are. You cannot score on this team without a balanced attack. They got beat handily by the Giants and Vikings yet neither QB lit the world on fire, or scored a lot of points. Sam the Ram played very well vs the Niners but he wasn't the reason they won. The balanced attack and mistake free QB play led these 3 QBs to victory. This is the formula for beating this team. You have to match them physically through the run, and through your defense. You don't beat yourself and play straight up you can beat the Niners (and that's the only way your going to beat Niners). Your offense can't play like it's behind and lose it's balance or you get forced throws which the Niners turn into TOs almost every time and TOs are a quick way to lose a close football game vs an amazing defense that won't give up 30 pts to anyone.

This is where Josh has to form a winning game-plan. He CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT, expect to win this game with Brady passing 40-50 times. He has to come saying I want Ridley to have 20+ rushes before the 4th quarter in this game, and that means no more pass,run, pass ratios. He has to want it to be 50/50, take as much pressure off Brady as he can so there will be little to no TOs on offense. Straight up old fashion balanced football. If Ridley and Bolden combine for more attempts than Brady, that will be a very good sign of how we are handling this game. This game is all on how Josh wants this offense to play.

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