tommy of the week


holy patriots.

hey kids-

there’s something about the cold new england air in december that has a way of extinguishing teams that are “on fire.” our patriots routed the division-leading texans, and i can’t remember the last time they looked so well-prepared to completely shut down another team in every aspect of the game. maybe that’s why they looked so lousy against miami – they must’ve used that week to get ready for houston instead!

our fearless quarterback was fired up for this one, and it’s always fun to see tommy leading the charge. it’s hard to believe he had only 296 yards – especially since he racked up 100 of them in two of his four touchdown passes. of course, it was the stupid six-yard rush that took him 8 minutes to finish that really got him excited. does anybody else think he’s tried to devise a play in which he runs downfield to catch a pass he’s thrown? i love you tommy, but seriously.

in t&a news, aaron hernandez continues to be both awesome and adorable – and also continues to receive the t&a! not only did he beat out several houstons to recover an early patriots fumble with a sophisticated technique known as falling on the ball, but he also choreographed and performed highly-entertaining touchdown celebrations for each of his two end zone receptions. he here is after touchdown number one, spreading a little love he mixed up fresh. heyyyyyyy aaron...can i get a little whipped cream on that?

this was one of those games when every patriot did his job and did it well, once again igniting that spark of hope in brokenhearted patriots fans everywhere. whether it was watching it finally come together for lloyd, welcoming stallworth back in a big way, or cheering on a defense that made two fourth-down stops, patriots fans had plenty of reasons to be proud – and drunk! – on monday night. still, there’s no question this was tom brady’s show, and he’s getting this week’s tommy. hurray for the “brady bunch!” i’m hearing that other fans in the NFL don’t find it nearly as entertaining as i do...but the ratings are pretty good.

we play san francisco tomorrow night, giving us our biggest test of the season for the second time in two weeks. i hear there’s snow in the forecast, so i’m hoping our pats will pull out a little more december magic – though i’m not above begging santa for an early christmas present. i’ve been flying high on happy patriots thoughts all week – but i hope you’ve been practicing yours!

have a great saturday night, and go pats!

love dav

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