One of the best games I ever seen.

I don't know how many Pat fans act like me during a game (hell its not like we ever ask each other). I don't fist pump or hump the air like Alec Shane. Imagine some little midget dude, screaming his lungs out (though silently since my dad was sleeping), pacing around violently, punching the air, flexing, yelling things like "You got this sh*t Brady! Don't f**king let up man!" and "lets go defense! Smash them in the f**king mouth!" as if I was on the sidelines, and doing what only an insane person can believe as "normal" for about two hours.

Maybe next time I shouldn't drink over 6 root beers.....

But perhaps I am not the only person to act this way. After the game, I could feel my knuckles bruised, for I probably punched something, and at one point I thought I nearly fractured my thumb (though now it seems alright). Yeah, last night was wild, and dare I say it may have been one of my most enjoyable experiences as a pats fan.

I want you to forget about the final score for one measly bit, as I try to dissect why this is probably one of the best games I ever seen. How this game started out was nothing any of us expected. No one was catching the ball, every run felt like we would see the ball jump out of their hands, and I could swear Ryan Mallet was wearing Brady's jersey and starting the game. That was one of the worse halves in football for the pats, and I felt that I wanted to go and play My player mode in NBA 2K13 to take my mind off the game.

Down 31-3, I was just laying on the couch, drinking root beer, and was already thinking myself that it couldn't get any worse. I am used to seeing blowout losses, being a Raiders fan as well, but seeing the Pats play that poorly, against a great defense, was something I'd never thought I would experience.

We knew it going to come. Pats score a TD? meh. "It's 3rd quarter but I don't think the Pats can really come back from this, 3 TDs behind, without the defense giving up another TD." Defense gets a stop, and already, I could feel my energy just explode. I realized, like many of you, that it's still the 3rd quarter, and if the Pats score a TD here they'll enter the fourth just down by two scores!

This is where the wild little midget in me kicked in (My dad already went upstairs, disappointed no doubt in our performance). Watching Brady command his offense, the way he was focused and zeroed in. There as no stopping him. This was our game now. What followed was 2 hours of blissful play by our team.

Coming down from 4 TDs, 31-3, we came back and tied it up. Seriously, NO OTHER TEAM can do this. This was other worldly. "How the hell is Brady doing this?" my sub conscious asked. Any team would have given up, but this team played inspired football. Out of the ashes came a team I have never seen before. I was unfortunate not to experience the three superbowls by memory, and if this was anything like that, than I envy all of you.

Then we tied it. That final TD drive was euphoric. I was loosing my mind, as well as all of you. How the hell did they do this? Down four TDs, and Brady and the defense, for one and a half quarters of football, came back and scored 4 TDs. This, my friends, is how champions play football. This team is resilient. We played with guts and heart, and that's what champions are made of.

We all know what happened. Long kick return, one play for a TD against Arrington. But that didn't deter me, nor anyone else I'm sure. It was a simple set of plays, and at the very least they at least didn't start from the 10 and go a painfully long 90 yard drive for a TD. It was quick, and took virtually no time off the clock.

Unfortunately, on the patriots next drive, Woodhead decided to run 10 yards and cut back, and not 3. We couldbn't get the most important drive together. But even then, it felt like the Pats could still pull out a win. I ask: How many teams are you that confident that could do such a thing?

This offense is scary. This TEAM is scary. I hope Dennard is good to go for the playoffs, but the way the team played in that 2nd half nearly made me forget the first half and its turnovers. Champions do not give up, and only a Brady led offense can you come from behind 4 TDs (maybe Manning, but meh.). I seriously do not know how they did it, and despite the mistakes, I feel extremely good about this team and the way they play.

Yeah, you're up by 17 in the 4th quarter? Not over. I love that feeling. Despite the loss by one score, even with our horrendous first half and really weird turnovers, this was one of the best games I've seen as a pats fan. Vintage Brady was at work here, and it was gorgeous, against the best defense in the league. I hate to be any other team to play the Pats now.

All we need is Gronk t o return, Dennard to come back healthy, BB to show Brady and the Pats the entire first half and their mistakes, and, in all honesty, after this game how can you not think this is the best team in the AFC? You do not simply come from behind like that. A 3 TD lead is supposed to be enough to put any team down, but not Brady. God that is amazing.

Even now, after a 5 hour sleep and about to take my last final exam of the semester, this little midget dude still feels as if he is the Juggernaut, and wants to run through walls. Or perhaps to be more accurate, like the berserker from Gears of War. Definitely, one of my favorite experiences as a pats fan.

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