WR: Who's the best fit?

The hot topic for Patriots fans is the WR position. Some people think we should look at the draft. Others want to win now and ask for a splashy free agent acquisition. Others want Moss because they just woke up after hibernation (lasting since 2007). Let's take a look at this free agent pool and their merits for the Patriots.

First: What do the Patriots want?

1. We have a big superstar TE (Gronkowski)

2. We have a WR/TE (Hernandez)

3. A superstar WR (Welker) and a backup (Edelman)

Aaaannd....that's about it.

Ocho and Branch are both questionable. I'm not going to detail their merits here. Let's for now assume that neither come back or if they do - in a very limited backup role. Let's also assume that Welker is on the team (deal or tag)

We desperately need a more conventional WR. We need more speed. We need more height. In short, we need a playmaker, a spark, a big target with breakaway speed.

Who fits that description?

Randy Moss: Pros: Big, tall, still decently fast. We know what he is capable of and what he's like. Cons: We know what he is capable of and what he's like. He can take plays off, have poor attitude, expects a certain amount of balls thrown him. Would he be an upgrade over current WR talent. Verdict: Yes, if on a cheap contract.

Vincent Jackson: Pros: Freakishly big, tall, and athletic. Capable of beating double teams and scoring on any coverage. Cons: Character issues, diva attitude, very expensive. Verdict: Look into him, but he won't get enough touches here. If he swallows his ego and checkbook, then by all means. No. The Eagles will overpay him to replace Desean Jackson.

DeSean Jackson: Pros: Freakishly fast, very talented. Cons: Immature, drops balls now and then, mental issues, diva attitude, very expensive. Verdict: No.

Mario Manningham: Young and talented. Obviously we know. Cons: None that I can see. Giants will try to resign him and other teams may bid higher than we're willing to go. There's the element of going from a SB winner to the opponent. Doesn't happen. Verdict: Make a run. He's only 6-0. I'd rather go for someone taller.

Laurent Robinson: Quietly racked up 800+ yards. Is used to being a bit player. Has star qualities. Came up the hard way and doesn't have the diva attitude. Has the conventional stats (6'2" height, decent speed). But one year of production is very risky. How much was it a result of playing with Austin and Bryant? Verdict: Do due dilligence and check how much he'll cost. I'd consider him.

Robert Meachem: 6'2", 210 pounds. Good height and speed, makes some ridiculous catches, is fine with being a supporting player (comes from multi-pronged Saints O). Cons: Might be expensive. Verdict: I want. He's only 27. Proven production.

Brandon Lloyd: Pros: Can be explosive, has good speed. Cons: Only one stellar year, struggled with Rams, spoke against the Tebow and was traded away, attitude issues, only 6 foot high, already 30 years old, not sure if he's comfortable being a 4th option or even a 3rd option. His agent is Condon whom the Patriots never talk to. Verdict: Out. It depends on how much each side wants each other.

Reggie Wayne: Wants out of Indy, ultimate team player, immense respect from BB, extremely talented. Cons: only 6 foot, may want one last big payday, said he'd like to keep playing with Peyton, is 33 (younger than Ocho though). Verdict: I'll offer him less money and a 2-year deal in exchange for the chance to play on a SB team with Brady.


Michael Floyd: Great height but not much speed. Might not be a #1 receiver.

Justin Blackmon: Out of reach.

Alshon Jeffery: Similar to Floyd.

Mohammed Sanu: Great option! Speed and height! Amazing catch radius and ability. Great production. Comes from Rutgers, a program BB LOVES. Verdict: If we're taking a WR in the draft, I'd take him.

What are your thoughts?

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