Thoughts on a mock draft, but not quite a mock draft.

You may be confused by my title. I wouldn't blame you, as today seems pretty bland, and allergies are trying to get the best of me. So I decided to give some of my thoughts on the upcoming draft, on who we may draft, to the positions I expect them to draft each round. I hear that we don't have a 5th, 6th, and 7th rounder...... but if I'm mistaken then let me know.

With our first pick I expect us to pick up a center, hopefully Ben Jones. guy has great size, and looks promising. I was thinking we would grab a corner, say Alfonso Dennard, but I figured BB would not like the idea of drafting a CB around that high 3 years in a row. I think he feels comfortable with Arrington as the #2 CB, Ras-I healthy enough to start, and McCourty getting better next year. Of course Molden may surprise people. You never know. But this doesn't mean that he will not select a CB in the draft though. :P

I think we'll trade the 31st pick with a bottom 10 team, to try and get an earlier 2nd rounder, and a future 2nd and 4th rounder.

With our top 10 2nd round pick, I can see us grabbing Rueben Randle, WR. I really like his size, speed, concentration, and hands catching from a horrible LSU QB.

With the next 2nd rounder, we'll trade for a future 1st rounder. Any team will do.

And the next 2nd rounder, we will choose a CB perhaps. Maybe Brandon Boykin or Trumaine Johnson or Chase Minnifield.

In the 3rd round I'm thinking DE. Maybe Cam Johnson or hopefully 6'3" 241 lb'der Alameda Ta'Amu.

And in the 4th round we shall Grab Marvin Jones, WR.

How I would want to approach the draft, is trying to get a top center early to help fix our need there. Then get two WRs. Since there is 1st round talent in the 2nd round, I prefer to get a WR somewhere in the 2nd round, and then later in the 4th round. I expect BB to trade one or two picks for later round picks and future picks. I think he likes Deadrick at DE, but we need someone in there to groom in the rotation since Brace is not panning out, and who knows how much Gerard Warren has left in the tank. I hope Alameda is there when the pats pick. He looks like a solid rotational DL. And I hope Pryor is actually HEALTHY for a season. -___-

Thats how the first 4 rounds would go I think. I'll make a solid mock draft based off of this soon.

If there are any draft suggestions feel free to discuss here. Look for higher round, and lower round guys. If you would like this post to be an official prospect watch, then please rec it up, so people here can discuss NFL prospects, and suggest newer ones that look interesting.

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