Mock Draft f1787 1.0

This won't be anywhere close to what will happen April 26-28th, but I'll throw my hat into the ring as well.

Top 4 Needs in my book

  • WR
  • Safety
  • OL
  • DL

1st (27)- Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin. 6'5" 315. I view Center as an interesting position. One that doesn't need a major upgrade, but certainly a good OL like Konz falling to 27th would present good value for years to come. OL Coach Dante Scarnecchia gets another talented OL to work his magic on, and could turn him into a perennial All-Pro. Having a full offseason of Rookie Minicamp and OTA's will help Konz get into rhythm and with veteran Guards Logan Mankins and Brian Waters, should transition into the team and be a starter from Day 1. Konz has a big physical style in the run game and rarely gets pushed back on pass protection either. He paved the way for 2 potential Heisman candidates in Russell Wilson and Montee Ball. I'm predicting that one of the 2 Dans will get re-signed, but not both. Timing on that is important. Highlights:

1st (31)- Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State. 6'4" 295. Perhaps no player at DT I wouldn't like more to see go to New England. He has the versatility to play DE in the 3-4 base defense and kick it inside in sub packages. No player on the Patriots has more info on anything related to this guy than Kyle Love (I imagine they're good friends). Aside from that, we all forget how great a coach Pepper Johnson has been over the years. Given a full offseason, I think he can make the jump to become a Day 1 starter if he really works hard. Since 2009, there has been a huge void left when the Patriots traded Richard Seymour. Although not as talented, he can certainly hold his own there. That RDE spot in 3-4 is wide open for the taking and this guy should contribute. I doubt he will actually be available by the time the Patriots pick 27th, but a lot of mock drafts have him going here. Highlights:

2nd (48)- Harrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame. 6'2" 215. BB loves stacking second rounds and will likely trade the 31st pick down into the late 30's/early 40's. Since there are no trades, kill that scenario for now. Harrison Smith is more of an in the box safety like Chung, but has better speed. Whether he will be able to cover TE's over the middle of the field is certainly something to be worried about. Other than that, Smith plays a physical game at safety, and his value has risen since the consensus #1 safety, Mark Barron, had a herniated disc in his back and will miss the combine this weekend. He has similar size to future HOF safety, Rodney Harrison (6'1" 220) and could potentially be a keeper in a couple years. Look for BB to sign a veteran safety in the offseason to serve as the starter and get this kid ready for when the Patriots give him his opportunity. Expect him to play most of this year early on Special Teams and see some work in the Dime Package later on the season. Highlights:

2nd (63)- Juron Criner, WR, Arizona. 6'2" 220. This kid is amazing and yields great value at 63. I've seen him play firsthand this year and he caught 75 passes for 956 yds and 11 TD's in just 9 games. Health is certainly an issue heading into the season, but he has answered that with a strong season and excellent Senior Bowl performance. One of the top CB prospects Janoris Jenkins has said that Criner has been his toughest assignment of all the WR in the Senior Bowl. He doesn't kill you with speed, but does a great job of finding the football and anticipating where it will go. With Tom Brady at QB, those throws will be even more accurate. I'll be shocked if he lasts this far in the draft, as I think he can contribute once he and Brady start getting to know each other. Expect him to be the 3rd WR option for most of the season unless Ochocinco or some other WR BB brings in fails to make the cut. He will still have a good season if he can get the reps with Brady. Highlights:

3rd (95)- Alameda Ta'Amu, DT, Washington. 6'2" 340. Big man who played for a decent Washington team. At his size, expect him to see some looks at NG and 5-tech DE. This guy is good at eating up space inside a la Wilfork, and the 2 are roughly the same size. He could push himself to the top of the 3rd round if he can show any type of athleticism to where he can be 75% of what Wilfork can do. He is strong up-front and consistently requires double teams in the run game. Kicking the tires on a potential replacement for Wilfork in 3 years could be a good decision. Highlights:

4th (127)- Marvin Jones, WR, California. 6'2" 200. Another big guy that can go get it. Playing with an offense that had Shane Vereen, he would know how good Jones is. He could be a potential sleeper in the draft, especially if he falls to 127. For a big guy, he is quick to change direction- a skill that is greatly valued in this offense. He does all the little things right, and could be a David Givens type receiver in the future- come up big in big games. Highlights:

If this draft unfolds like this- I'll be shocked. Critique below on if you think some players will be off the board at their pick.

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