Mock Draft AM2/24

1-27 Fletcher Cox: If he is available it is a no brainer to me. if he is not it gets complicated. Next best available would maybe be a cb, however if cox is not available i believe we trade down n use the next pick to take a cb or center or whoever we think is best available. However i doubt we use the first pick if cox is not available. He is the only player i feel strongly about, in the sense that no one similar to him will be available at 31 if we do not take him at 27. if not we will trade into top half of 2nd round, as well as get a first for next year.

1-31 Janoris Jenkins is the ideal pick. completely solves our cb/kr problems. Will he be available? its possible. His baggage may make him unattractive to many. However he could be just what cinci or detroit is looking for. if he is not available, and honestly even if he is, i see us trading into top half of the second round (maybe with chicago trying to get in front of ny for a te?) along with a 2nd next year. with that 2nd round pick this year we would take the poor mans jenkins in brandon boykin. a nice compliment to ras i as well as a man with return skills. or if available take konz at that spot and boykin with the next pick.

And yes i do believe it is very possible that we trade both first rounders. If we do not have a talent that distinguishes himself at neither spot, we will slide into 2nd round and pick four there, along with getting a first n 2nd for next year.

If we do that i believe our 2nd round would be konz, jared crick, Boykin, and Andre branch

2nd-4th rnd after the jump

2-16 I see us taking Peter Konz if he is available here. is this possible? i know to many, he is a first round talent. however there are many good interior lineman in this draft, and center isnt a position that is "normally" although it has been recently, drafted in the first round. with that being said he is not in many experts' first round mocks. so it is possible. If not i see us taking best player/fit available, with the top wrs being options as well as Andre branch and jared crick.

2-31 Here i see us taking Andre Branch. If he is not available Cam Johnson. Both are very flexible and can play 4-3 de and 3-4 olb. Branch is a little bit faster and more refined as a rusher but both seem like they have potential and can be taught.

3-31 here is where we start picking up wrs in this deep wr draft. Brian Quick: does what we need. Gets open deep, and has radius and body control to adjust to poorly thrown balls. I really do not see how sanu is worthy of a first round pick when this kid can be had in 3rd round.

4-31 Dwight Jones: Similar to quick, however more of a late bloomer and only recently tapping into his potential, which is greater than quick's actually. However concentration lacks at times.

Undrafted FA's: hopefully we can pick up Tommy Streeter and Marvin Jones here, as this would make our camp extremely competitive. Especially if we reup on welker and sign lloyd in offseason. if not maybe obtain some late picks somehow and get them. also i do not know what we will receive for hoyer, i do believe we will place a second round tender on him. If we do do we get that 2nd rounder next year or this year?

Resignings: Mark anderson, Welker, waters.

fa signings: Goldson, and lloyd (or meachem/laurent as a fall back).

notable fa's not resigned: bge(time to see what our young kids can do); connolly; and carter.

What do you all think? Do you like our draft better with the trade downs or without? mind you i know im being optimistic with who i believe will be available at said positions, but hey ima fan, i dont get paid for contingency plans.

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