Jack's Mock Draft v. 1.0

For the past 3 hours, I have looked at prospects across the board, and a lot of mock drafts that had the first 4 rounds in order to provide an accurate representation of the draft. For each pick, I will explain why I chose them. Don't be surprised if you go "Who the heck is this guy?" because after looking through a bunch of people and mock drafts, the same impression went upon my face. So let's not wait any further time. I encourage you to read about each guy, as you probably have to expected me to pick that said person, and watch any video they might have before judgment.

1st Round, Pick 27: Mohamed Sanu, WR

Sanu has become a Pats Pulpit favorite. After further reviewing more tape of Sanu, he seems like a great fit for the patriots, and it would be a good surprise pick (who would think that BB would go for WR immediately?) in the draft. Sanu has great blocking skills, and very good ball skills with great hands and good speed. He is a strong runner as well, and can operate in wildcat packages, but I doubt the pats will do such a thing. If the wants want a solid route runner with great hands, and a deep threat as well as have blocking ability, Sanu would be the complete package the pats would want. There are many mocks that have Konz going past the patriots, and I wouldn't be surprised if the pats pick him up with this pick if he makes it here. The only other guy that would over-ride this would be if Michael Brewster, or Devon Still make it here. If none are there though, I believe BB would jump on Sanu before anyone else would. WRs are rising in the draft. mid 2nd round guys are becoming early 2nd round guys, and 3rd rounders are becoming 2nd rounders. If the pats want the complete package from escaping them, and a WR who can stretch the field, Sanu would have to be it, as most of those stretch the field guys would be gone by the pats 2nd round pick.

1st Round, Pick 31: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB

I am a firm believer that BB would trade this pick for an early 2nd, and a future first. Aside from that, let me explain for this.

The pats do have Mark Anderson and Andre Carter. They also have Jermaine Cunningham and Markell Carter who may surprise people in camp. So this is mostly a pre-camp look. I'm not sure Jermaine can start, or be healthy. Carter is up in the air as well, and we may want to take him slow. Carter is old, and he may not be what he was last year.

So that leaves Anderson as the most likely starter, and in 4-3 packages Carter may come in. So why the pick of Curry? I believe Anderson fits best as a pass rusher on passing downs. Curry has good size (6'3" 265 lbs.), looks to be a great pass rusher, and a solid run defender. I'm willing to bet that Anderson will not be the future starter, more than a Banta-Cain rusher. Curry has great upside, with the potential of being a great playmaker, and he is rising up to be an early second. Also I like the sound of this:

Intangibles: Team leader, younger players look up to him. Positive attitude in the locker room, works well with the media. Hustle on the field reflects work ethic off the field. No major off-field incidents. Could have entered the draft in 2011 as a potential top 100 pick, chose to return to "win a championship".

Seems like a Belichick player to me. Profile, Video, Stats

2nd Round, Pick 48: Billy Winn, DE

Winn played 4-3 DT at Boise State, and is projected as a 3-4 DE. WInn is 6'3" 296 lbs. and looking at the video he looks like has has a great push. 6'3" is small, but he makes up for it in strength it seems. I have a feeling if he plays next to wilfork the opponents OL will have trouble.

Here's the profile, video, stats

2nd Round, Pick 63: Ryan Steed, CB

Steed is quite a specimen. Nothing I can really say will do him justice, so I will let his profile speak for himself:


Perhaps due to a stellar prep basketball career, Steed slipped through the cracks of the major recruiters and only had offers from Furman, The Citadel and Charleston Southern. Four years later, Steed has established himself as an FCS All-American, a Senior Bowl standout and a highly regarded NFL prospect.

Steed didn't start immediately for the Paladins but did earn a spot on the So-Con Coaches' All-Freshman team by picking off two passes and blocking two punts despite limited playing time. Taking over for Jacksonville Jaguar fifth round pick William Middleton at boundary corner as a true sophomore, Steed quickly proved to be one of the players at this level, earning all-conference honors by leading the team with 15 passes defended, including four interceptions. Steed also posted 59 tackles on the year and scored touchdowns on a 43-yard interception return and fumble recovery in the endzone.

It was more of the same for Steed as a junior (65 tackles, nine passes broken up, four interceptions, three forced fumbles and three touchdowns) and though his numbers in 2011 declined slightly (46 tackles, four pass breakups, four interceptions and scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery for the third consecutive season. Over his career Steed registered 180 tackles, 38 passes defensed and notched 14 interceptions.

Steed eased any concerns about his ability to compete at the FBS level by enjoying an impressive week of practice at the Senior Bowl. If he can answer questions about his overall speed in workouts, Steed has the look of a future NFL starter.


Man Coverage: Flashed a physical punch of receivers at the Senior Bowl. Is a bit inconsistent with explosiveness in this area but possesses long arms (32-inch) and quick hands to get at least jab to latch on and slow the receiver's get-off. Silky smooth athlete. Loose hips and light, quick feet giving him the ability to turn and run with impressive fluidity. A natural cover corner whose agility from his time on the hardwood is obvious. May be quicker than he is fast. Caught from behind on a return leading to concerns about his straight-line speed. Rarely targeted deep at this level and demonstrated plenty of speed to compete in Mobile.

Zone Coverage: Good awareness and burst to close for zone coverage. Keeps his eyes on the quarterback and has a nice feel for route progressions from his primary opponent due to film review. Trusts his eyes and will break on underneath routes to make he big play. Due to this aggression he can be led astray by savvy route-runners and quarterbacks looking him off.

Ball Skills: Instinctive football player. Keeps his eyes up and shows a quick burst to undercut throws. Looks natural catching the ball, extending his arms and cradling the ball with his hands to do so. Good timing and athleticism as a leaper, showing quick hands to knock the ball free from the receiver and going for the interception (when in position to do so). Doesn't panic with the ball in the air, showing good discipline and awareness to locate the play the ball rather than face guard and potentially draw the flag. Dangerous with the ball in his hands. Has a feel for setting up blocks and runs with burst and balance.

Run Support: Fights through receiver blocks to protect the edge. Willing to cut the knees out of the biggest of ball-carriers. Good effort in lateral and downfield pursuit. Takes good angles to the ball.

Tackling: Generally a reliable wrap-up tackler and flashes some physicality as a hitter. Active hands and will rip at the ball if he sees the ball-carrier carrying the ball loosely.

Intangibles: Highly decorated prep basketball player who earned all-state recognition as a sophomore and junior and played in two state championships game … Earned all-state recognition as a senior quarterback, as well and did so on a 6-5 team that saw him play running back, wide receiver, cornerback and returner … Highly recommended by the coaching staff for his work ethic, including studying his opponent's tendencies in the film room.

I watched some video on him, and I like what I saw. A tall CB with good reaction skills and ball handling. He has a 2 part highlight tape as you can see, so feel free to indulge upon his tape and see what you think. His stats are in the profile.

Round 3, Pick 94: Phillip Blake, C

Obviously its hard to find video for a center unless your a top prospect. Patriots need a center, and I think the 6'2" 311 lb center is the future guy. According to the profile he has good pass, and run blocking skills, and I think Dante S. can work his magic greatly on this guy. He IS 26, but what you can get out of is that he has more college experience than any center in the draft, and that can only help him. Hey even Dan Connely was a 3rd rounder if I'm not mistaken. I think Blake is the last good center in the draft, and it would be a mistake to pass him up here.

Profile here.

Round 4, Pick 126: DeVier Posey, WR

Of course this would be a WR. I was thinking Jarius Wright will be here, since he is rising to the mid 3rd round. At least mocks that I remember. However, I thought I would go to a WR prospect that is below Wright by the name of DeVier Posey. He is 6'2" 209 lbs. and has been a solid contributor for Ohio State. he can go deep, run the intermediate route, and the shorter routes. He has good speed, and size. He can be a nice prospect.I was thinking of Marvin McKnutt, but I felt he was raw, and he would need work on his route running. However if BB feels that McKnutt has a lot of upside, then I would have him at this spot. Marvin Jones (who I like) will be gone by here.

Profile, Video, Stats

So what are your thoughts? I understand there are picks here that are weird, but understand there are players I would rather have at certain spots. This was more of a mock draft that guessed who would be where and at what value would that person be at the spot.

The views expressed in these FanPosts are not necessarily those of the writers or SBNation.

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