NCS's Epic Weekly Caption Contest Edition 1.1!

Its epic! Its weekly! Its a caption contest! Its version 1.1!

Ok, heres the deal: I'll try and put one of these up each week. Each thread will contain four two pictures, which it is your job to caption. Caption them with anything - a description of what you think is going on in the picture, what the people are thinking, or anything else you can come up with that would be funny. Avoid using obscene language. If its funny people will rec your caption, which is how the contest is decided. A winner will be named for each picture, meaning there will be four two winners a week. In the event if a tie, both will get credit. The prize will be getting your name posted on all future NCSEWCCs.

Basically just like any other caption contest.

NOTE: I'm new at this, so if I did anything wrong just tell me. This is supposed to be pretty much a direct reincarnation of the old caption contests. I'll try and run this by myself, doing all the counting of the votes, making the threads, etc. If you think weekly is too often just tell me, and any other suggestions are also welcome.

NOTE2: I'll be honest with you, the first one of these kinda failed. Here are some things meant to prevent that from happening again:

Just two pics now. Post your captions in separate posts, so someone can rec one but not necessarily both.

Please rec this post so that it doesn't fall off with all with all the draft stuff.

Please take a moment to rec other people's posts. Hopefully you were going to do that anyways.

If you think this is bound to fail no matter what, feel free to tell me.

So with that aside, here are the pics!



Hope all goes well, and good luck!

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