Jack's Mock Draft v1.5 The TRADE version

Okay it was obvious that a lot of people like mock drafts with trades in them. I do feel that they are more realistic, but also harder to judge, so I'm going to keep this general.

I want you guys to read, and LOOK up the players before judging the picks. Okay, now I shall start, and I'll try and make this as realistic as possible.

Im going to be Honest here. I'm not going to satisfy everyone. There will be hopes and dreams of drafting a specific guy, but it will NOT Always happen. These are meant to be realistic picks. Not dream picks.

BB will trade the 27th pick of the draft for a future first rounder and this year's 2nd rounder from a team that picked around the early-mid rounds of the draft.

At this point, my memory is sort of hazy, so I'll try to remember how the other mock drafts went to base a player's stick value.

With the 31st pick of the Draft, the Pats select: Peter Konz, C

Imo, BB will not pass up on Konz. Remember, there is a difference between who we want, and what the logical pick is. We NEED help at Center, and BB firmly believes in building the trenches outward. Konz is a talented Center who can acnhor the middle of our OL for years to come, and help keep Brady and his heir apparent upright. He can block NTs, and we would need interior help with the likes of the DL our division rivals have. Connely is not the future, and neither is Wendel. Konz will fill in immediately, and our interior line, where if its penetrated will give Brady the most fits, will be stout, and Brady will be sitting back there happy. A Happy Brady, is a healthy Brady, is a better Brady. As I always say. Great value pick considering he IS the top center in the draft, and has great amounts of potential.

Is it possible that the pats can trade up to grab someone like with Gronk? It's possible. But with how deep this draft is at WR in the first 3 rounds (WRs are going up in stock), I have a feeling teams will be focusing on WR this round before most are gone by the 3rd Round.

With the Early-Mid 2nd rounder, the pats will trade into the 3rd round, and grab a 2nd and 5th rounder next year. The pats will have two firsts and two seconds again next year.

With the 46th(?) pick of the NFL Draft, the pats select: Markell Martin, FS

BB makes many pats fans sigh, since he has yet to grab a surefire WR. But he helps bolster the secondary by grabbing an area of great need: A full Safety. Yes, this safety class is weak, but Martin spells a belichick safety. he doesn't freelance, and he is a very good tackler. 74 total tackles (59 solo), 11 passes broken up, and 5 tackles for loss in 2011. If you want to view his previous year's stats, here is it. And please read his profile before judging. :P And watch some video!

With the last 2nd round pick, the pats will Select: Brian Quick, WR

Keep in mind I do expect the pats to get a WR through free agency. But seeing as how I am not totally certain, here is the pick. Quick is a tall WR who has potential, but will need help on his route running a bit. I picked him here because WRs after are more for projects then possible starters. I recommend watching some video on him and reading some profiles on the web. He is a project, but he can be a possible starter as well.

With the early 3rd round pick, the pats select: Billy Winn, DE/DT

I already talked about him last draft. he is a 2nd-3rd round prospect, who can be a difference maker at 3-4 End. Watch some video on him as well as read the profiles. :)

I'm tired, so I'm just going to name out the other guys.

other 3rd round pick: Marvin Jones, WR

4th round pick: Donnie Fletcher, CB

Now that is something around of what I expect. Now how about what I want?

I won't trade the first. I want him to use both picks.

1st Round: 1) Rueben Randle, WR 2) Peter Konz, C

2nd Round: 1) Brandon Boykin, CB (look him up please) 2) trade this pick down into the 3rd, and get a future 2nd and 3rd/4th rounder.

3rd round: 1) Marvin Jones, WR

4th Round: 1) Matt Daniels, FS (profile here). I think his positives outweigh the negatives.

Or something like that. Getting Randle and Konz will be amazing, but I doubt he'll spend two firsts.

But that's it..... imo I give myself a C. If you ask why, its because I think there is no way that we'll get what we want in this draft. We'll have a couple of nice picks, but overall, I think BB feels that this team can already win a championship, and that it would be best to get a WR through free agency, and draft our Center and some secondary through the draft, and let the defense develop itself. Perhaps he'll get two WR this draft. Its deep with WR, but I think it won't be guys we totally expect.

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