Introducing the player that will, again, have the Patriots change how the NFL views the position.

I give you, FB Evan Rodriguez.




242 pounds.

Let me post an overview from CBS Draft:

Rodriguez was a tight end/safety recruit out of the prep level, choosing West Virginia over Pittsburgh and Rutgers. He redshirted in 2007 with West Virginia, but decided to transfer to Temple and sat out the 2008 season due to transfer rules. Rodriguez quickly found the field as a tight end in 2009 as a sophomore with 7 starts, finishing with 13 catches for 145 yards (11.2) and a career-best 3 touchdowns. He saw more playing time in 2010 as a junior with 9 starts at tight end, recording 21 receptions for 247 yards (11.8) and 2 scores, earning Second Team All-MAC honors. Rodriguez had his most productive season in 2011 as a senior (12 starts), finishing with 35 catches for 479 yards (13.7) and 2 touchdowns, earning First Team All-MAC honors.

Rodriguez is a hybrid tight end/fullback player with a lot of tweener traits and was used in a similar role last season as an Aaron Hernandez-type weapon ? his head coach in 2011 (Steve Addazio) was Hernandez?s offensive coordinator at Florida in 2009. Rodriguez attacks defenders at the point of attack and is a willing blocker, but struggles to sustain and lacks the ideal strength for the position.

Rodriguez is a natural pass catcher with a very good body control and overall feel as a receiver, but is a smaller target and lacks the dynamic qualities to consistently beat NFL linebackers or safeties in coverage ? a later round prospect, but is one of the top hybrid fullbacks in this class.

Let me give you my view a bit. Rodriguez is a 5th/6th rounder. So he is a low round guy. FBs in the NFL are undervalued. If any fans can tell you this, it is Raider fans. The Raiders have a FB named Marcell Reece. He played some WR in college and some FB, and is the Raiders current starting FB. He is a major playmaker. He is the unsung hero of that offense. Great receiver, and good blocker. Think about what the pats can do what that type of player?

1 TE, 2 WR, and 2 RB sets. Welker, Branch/Ocho/FA addition at WR. Gronkowski at TE. And you can have Rodriguez and Herndo as the two RBs. or you can have Shane Vereen, who can catch like a WR. Think about the receiving options! Brady will have receiving threats at EVERY POSITION.

Now, the only knocks on him that I can even consider is that he is lazy and an underachiever. All those other weaknesses that were listed in CBS sports, can be developed quickly on our team. he can learn to block better, and he can learn to run routes better. Point is, in the 5th round,, this guy can be a major steal for the pats, and we can change how the NFL views FBs now.

from this vid, I can see that he can block just fine, but could use some tweaking. If Brady has this guy, I can see some even more great thins for this offense.

Evan Rodriguez vs Miami (Ohio) 2011 (via phillyjimmyphilms)

I won't evaluate fully on this guy yet. He is just a person of great interest. What do you guys think?

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