Rueben Randle. WR out of LSU

Damn, I'm on a roll for posting. lol

Anyways, if BB were to take any WR early in the draft (like late first round, early second) it would be Rueben Randle.



At 6'3", 208 lbs, Randle is extremely talented, and is a playmaker as a deep threat, and underneath routes. He can break tackles, jump up for the ball, and sell his routes with effectiveness. I like his body control when he fights for the ball. he seems like he can adjust on his routes nicely as well. He has been consistent throughout his college career as well. Here is what has to say:


Rueben Randle is a big, physical, junior wide receiver who never took a redshirt. In 2011 he reeled in a team high 53 catches for 917 yards and eight scores. He was a First Team All-SEC selection by the coaches and Second Team by the AP. He does a good job to use his size to shield defenders from the ball and provides a big target for the quarterback. He is a competitive player and ultra talented. Even playing in the talented SEC, he was able to make an impact as a freshman, and never let up through his junior season.

Final Projection:

Randle has a lot of playing experience and is extremely talented. He was highly coveted out of high school and showed why on a weekly basis. He played against tough competition both in practice and in games, so he is one of the most polished and battled tested receivers in this year’s class.

And to quote's Tom Patterson:

On why he is not a 1st rounder:

Rueben has not had the productivity of a 1st rounder in the NFL, partly because he has not had a QB that excels passing the ball downfield and he plays on a team that is able to protect their lead by running the ball late in games. He seems to have a limited impact on a handful number of games each year. Although he has good athletic measurements they are not quite going to compare with last year’s 1st rounders AJ Green or Julio Jones, he doesn’t seem to have their intensity either.

And part of his final thoughts:

he is very well rounded and playing on the outside he profiles as a guy that can produce against any type of coverage. With the competition he has faced in practice alone at LSU, (Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne, Tyrann Mathieu), leads me to believe he can leave now and play in the NFL.

Here is some video on him:

Rueben Randle Highlights 2011 [HD] (via PraqticuL)

Like I said, I doubt BB will draft him mainly because I don't think he'll draft a WR in the late first or early second. I think BB would rather invest in a center, and trade the 31st pick for a 1st next year. Not to mention I don't know how he would fit in our offense. He seems like he can run the underneath routes, but I don't know if the pats route tree involves a lot of deep passing routes where Randle can be effective, and stretch out the field. Who knows. With McDaniels coming here I'm sure the offense can adjust with someone like Randle in there, and help our offense become more dynamic.

Other WRs I'll look at are Jarius Wright (4th rounder) and Nick Toon (3nd rounder), and Joe Adams (3rd/4th rounder).

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