My Dream Offseason

I believe we have every part of an elite running game except for the elite RB.

Our offensive line is excellent, teams play lineups against us with extra DBs and pass rushers designed to prevent the pass, and we use 2 TEs all the time which means extra blocking.

So if Trent Richardson is available at 15, which a decent number of mocks have happening, I think we should trade 31 & 48 to the Eagles for pick 15 and draft Richardson. Not only would our running game be excellent, but Richardson is also effective in pass blocking / catching, so he could be a major upgrade every play he's on the field. BJGE was our best RB last year and outcompeted Ridley by the late playoffs, but he just doesn't have the ability to punish teams for selling out to play anti-pass or serve as a threat on passing plays the way TR would. Drafting Richardson also allows us to release BJGE, saving a bit on the cap. If he falls to pick 15 I think that represents the kind of value BB looks for when trading up.

With Pick 27 I would like us to take Fletcher Cox.

With Pick 63 I'd like us to take Ben Jones.

In free Agency I'd like to see us re-sign Welker / Anderson / Carter / Connelly / Slater, sign Brandon Lloyd, sign Michael Griffin, release BJGE & Woodhead. If Ocho restructures his contract, he can be WR#3. Branch would be great to bring back for cheap considering his decent production this year, but it might not fit.

Our starting offense, coordinated by Josh McDaniels:
QB - Brady; backups Hoyer & Mallet

RB - Richardson; backups Ridley & Vereen

WR- Welker, Lloyd; backups Branch & Ochocinco

TE - Gronkowski, Hernandez

T - Light, Vollmer; backups Solder & Cannon

G - Mankins, Waters; backups Cannon & Connelly

C - Ben Jones; backup Connelly

This might be the most terrifying offensive unit ever assembled. The offensive line was terrific this year and an upgrade at center would only improve on that. We would be elite running the ball out of our 2 TE sets with Richardson. We'd be entirely unstoppable passing the ball with Lloyd taking the top off, Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez as elite pass catchers / YAC monsters, and Richardson a huge threat as well. The depth looks fantastic too.

Our starting defense, coordinated by Bill Belichick:

DT - Wilfork, Cox; backups Love, Deaderick

DE - Carter, Anderson; backups Cunningham, Ninkovich, Switching to the 3-4

CB - McCourty, Dowling; backups Arrington, Moore, Molden

S - Chung, Griffin; backups Idehigbo, McCourty

LB - Spikes, Mayo, Ninkovich; backups Fletcher & Tarpinian

Carter was awesome last year, and since it's my dream offseason he heals up fully. Anderson was great too. Between the two of them we are really quite respectable at pass-rushing; I think the secondary was far more our issue last year. Overall, the secondary has very high potential and should be at least decent while the front seven looks great. If this defense stayed healthy it could be an upper-tier unit. I didn't use 95 or 127 yet, so they probably work toward depth.

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