If we can bring back Josh McDaniels for a 2nd stint, we could do the same thing with Randy Moss.

At first, I was opposed to the idea of bringing back Randy Moss after all, we had Chad Johnson (formerly known as Ochocinco). Then Chad became Joey Galloway, only more expensive.

Well we got back Branch for a 3rd rank pick but after a strong start, it became clear. Branch was no longer the Super Bowl MVP we knew.

Perhaps Welkerman (Elderman) could be the answer? Instead we got someone who fondles waitresses during the season.

Tiquan? Oh yeah, we cut Tiquan and his hair-doo him during the playoffs.

Perhaps Welker himself? Giselle reminded us of the obvious - we need a receiver who could do several things.

  • Stretch the Field.
  • Be taller than 6 feet so Tom Brady's has a little more margin of error.
  • Knows Josh McDaniels' Offense.
  • Knows Tom Brady's tendencies.
  • Can help the Patriots win NOW. Not 2-3 years later, when they are "developed."

The reason I could see this marriage working again is Randy wants to play. When he wants to prove himself, he is practically unstoppable. He does not want to leave his legacy with the Titans. This is also a chance to cement his legacy with a Super Bowl. Something that Belichick needs to erase any doubts of spy gate and the demise of our dynasty.

The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl is when we had David Givens, someone who could get the ball in the red zone. Someone that paired with a receiving tight end such as Daniel Graham. Imagine - Gronk and Moss. Deadly.

But enough of the pipe dreams, the Patriots need to take action.

The Saints and 49ers have brought Randy Moss in for work outs and they reports have been impressive. When it comes down these organizations want to win NOW. I suggest the Patriots do the same if that is the goal.

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