The ever changing paradigm

If you read my last post it talked about the high contracts going on right now specifically for WR and CB. We are yet to really see the DL market fully but there has to be other positions that become less valuable as these outside positions grow in price. I understand the CB growth as there are more 3 WR sets and TE that can catch like WR and the lack of overall talent at the position across the league relative to the WR talent presents a supply and demand issue.

For WR I don't get the price as there are sooo many talented WRs and any above average WR should beat single coverage if the OL holds for a few seconds. Basically i think what is lost in these numbers is that for the WR to even be thrown to the OL must hold and then the QB must move a safety with his eyes or play fake or whatever and then get a good throw off. Teams are paying a lot for players that have to have a lot go their way to even see a pass their way.

Now for a Calvin Johnson who you just throw it that way without concern, this is priceless . How this change in WR pricing as well as the changes in the new CBA should change the pats draft strategy after the break.

Ok so to the meat of this post. Here are my thoughts on how this affects the draft, these overvalued positions are now better off being fulfilled in the draft. WIth the draft you can get a WR for 4 years and if they are studs then tag for years 5 and 6. Overall this will be a lot less than MEGATRONs new deal or even what a Garson just got.

The cap for Welker is a great deal for the Patriots, usually the team hates the tag and wants to do long term to free up that huge 1 yr cap hit. Now that has changed and the Pats have to be ok with 9 mil considering the per year of deals with lesser players. If you want Wes to take less over more years you are asking him to accept Garson money. But for Wes as a smaller slot player who gets hit a lot the tag is scary as he can very easily blow out a knee or get KOd. Does he want less per year for the larger guarantee? If he does it's a huge discount for the Pats.

Now this also affects the draft for me as well. I could honestly see the Pats moving up in the first round because of the salaries being lower. Personally I would see if anyone at the top would accept the 27th and next years first whatever pic you need to give up for Blackmon. IF thats MIN take it now, if not wait for CLE and offer the same. If you are worried about the pic next year then trade 31 for a first next year and a second this year. Hell trade 27 2nd this year and 1st next for Blackmon. If he's the stud then even with two tags the overall for the 6 years will be much lower than that type of WR talent money in free agency.

The 2nd round is 1st round talent for less is well less applicable and now is the time if ever to move up and get a total stud WR at an absurd discount comparative. The pats are not good at projecting WRs and thats why I go to Blackmon, Calvin and Andre Johnson only come around so often and getting Brady one of these WR to end his career would be great.

Final point for those who go NOOOO not next years first- Hope we win the SB and then its the 32nd anyways and the value that this pick as had for the Pats as a 1st RD pick for much less than higher picks is now moot. We can also use the money that would have been spent on that pick next year to sure up Gronk or Hernandez early.

Hope you enjoyed the post and for the record I have been a huge fan of the trade down mentality and delayed gratification approach I just think the paradigm has changed very dramatically. Also our roster is full of bodies and projects and average, time for a few studs and a few more rings.

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