With the 15th selection the New England Patriots pick Trent Richardson Running back University of Alabama

And you thought they would trade down didn't ya?

Another ho hum draft in 2012. Value, value, value until you barf?

Stock pile picks for a future that never gets here?


March 2019

New England head coach, Bill Belichick enters the 2019 draft with four first round picks (two from the Raiders) and nine count'em nine second rounders (4 from the Raiders). With an additional 17 picks in the 3rd through 5th rounds (7 from the Raiders) , ESPN and the NFL have decided to broadcast the draft from Foxboro. "Since the Patriots are going to get most of the players this year, we figured we'd just set up the TV trailers at Gillette..." In a decision made at the meetings last January, Roger Goodell has ruled that the Patriots will only be permitted to make 9 draft day trades this year...."we just felt for the good of the league, we had to put a cap on these trades...we projected the Patriots would be the only team with any picks by it is Oakland doesn't have a pick until 2021."

Now that you know the future, let's figure out why the best RB in the last 15 years (I have no clue if this is true, but, it sounds really good) will be carrying the rock for the Pats next season.

What do the Patriots need?

TE's? You're kidding right?

They don't "go high" for pass rushers. Show me one...go ahead...I'm waiting.

They get veteran FA's to rush the passer.

Llnebacker? Belichick likes to develop his linebackers, but, he picked Mayo. Do the Patriots "need" a 1st round Linebacker? The penalty on Ninkovich cost them the super bowl, but, do they have a major "need" at LB?

DB...Lord knows, Belichick has a hard time picking DB's...half the teams in the NFL have DB's that got cut by BB. Do the Patriots "need" a 1st round DB? Kind of a lot of DB's on roster already. we need a 1st round O Really?

WR...we have 11 on the roster now...the guy who gets the job gets what? 60 catches? 1st round WR? Will he actually play? If he lines up for a play, will Brady throw to him? Are you sure? Do you watch the games? "Screw Gronk lets' throw it to the rookie...yeah! that's a great idea"

QB...we got that covered right? The succession to the "thrown" is in place.

He has signed two special teamers in the last week, so we are AOK there.


Trent Richardson is an Alabama guy. The two games against LSU this past year featured upwards of 16 players who are NFL bound. This running back has excelled in as close to a NFL environment as can be had...the SEC.

Belichick has picked Bama/LSU running backs as recently as the last draft.

Belichick does not have a lead running back and has not had one since Corey Dillon (last time they won a super bowl).

Belichick has 3 more Brady years and then, Mallet years? Will the new QB need a dominant lead running back? (is there such thing in the NFL anymore?)

Do the New England Patriots defeat the NY Giants in the Super Bowl with Richardson starting in the back field? Well? Do they? What does Coughlin do with BJGE? What does he do with Richardson?

New CBA makes 1st rounders cheaper.

Would they take him at #27? Yes they would, simply on value.

How about #22? Yes, by far best player on the board at #22...what's a couple more draft spots among friends?

Are the teams from #4 Cleveland to #15 San Diego gonna let him go by? They've certainly screwed up drafts before, why not 2012?

They let Benny go and have signed 5 special teams full backs to take his place.


If he gets picked too high. #4 through #12?

If they can't get in front of the team that wants him. Who?

They don't run the ball enough to drop major $$ on a RB.

Belichick sees value elsewhere and he a value freak of the first order.


Is there a high end defender that BB puts enough value on at #15 to #21 to trade up? My guess is no.

At 15 or so, Richardson is a "value." At nine he is not. Based on his past, Belichick needs Richardson at a value spot in the draft. If Cox or Coples drop to #27 would he take them? I think yes. Will they? The league is still overvaluing disruptive D lineman are they not?

Scenario du jour:

4 QB's in the top ten. 3 WR's in the top fifteen. 2 D lineman in the top fifteen. 2 CB's in the top fifteen. 3 O linemen in the top fifteen. Belichick combines #27 and a second (is this enough?) to get Richardson "around" Dallas, San Diego, Tennessee...etc.

What are we stock piling picks for now? So we can build a super bowl team some day? Smith and Dillon were critical parts of three world championships. Do the Pats beat the Giants with Richardson rushing?

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