The Influence of the Patriots

The recent story about how the new Rams GM wants to replicate the Patriots' success got me has the league changed thanks to the Patriots influence? Let's take a team by team look.

We'll skip the NFC East and Westsince I see no clear Patriot connections there.

The NFC South? That's a different story.

SAINTS - Payton has clearly stated his desire to replicate the Patriots dynasty. He openly admits to copying BB's personnel philosophy. There's been a clear influence in the front office and coaching staff's mentality.

FALCONS - Need I elaborate? Dimitroff is a Patriots disciple who actively copies the Patriots' way of drafting and signing FAs. Quite a few former Patriots are with the team.

BUCCANEERS - Schiano credits BB as one of his mentors. He's been a long-time friend and I have no doubt that Schiano will copy the Patriot Way.

Let's look at the NFC North...

Although there don't seem to be any obvious connections...the LIONS clearly have been influenced by Patriot principles. Schwartz clearly wants to emulate the Patriot success and replicate their model.

Now for the AFC

In the South, teams don't seem to have any obvious connections. The other divisions are a different story.


The BROWNS were coached by Mangini, and his influence is definitely there in the drafting, the current roster, and the style of play. And after all, BB did coach there once.

The RAVENS are defensively coached by Dean Pees, a former BB assistant. The GM has openly expressed admiration for Patriots' drafting.


The BRONCOS have Patriot fingerprints all over thanks to McDaniels. McDaniels traded away Hillis, Cutler, and Marshall. He took Brandon LLoyd out of town. He drafted Beadles, Demaryius Thomas, Tim Tebow, and Knowshon Moreno among others. His fingerprints are still all over this team.

The CHIEFS might as well be called New England West. They are full of former Patriot evaluators, scouts, and front office officials. The coach is a former BB assistant. They try to draft and operate like the Patriots.


The DOLPHINS clearly have Patriots influence. Daboll is a former Patriot assistant, brought in to replicate the Patriot Magic.

There are other former Patriot assistants on the Vikings (Jeff Davidson -O-Line Coach), Buccaneers (Randy Melvin - D-Line Coach), Cowboys (Rob Ryan), 49ers (Brad Seely ST Coach), Broncos (Keith Kidd - Scouting Director), Eagles (Sean Gustus - Scout), Jaguars (Cory Undlin - Defensive Assistant), Packers (Dom Capers - DC).

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