Mock Draft f1787 4.0

Targets of Interest: S, DL, OL, WR

Offense: Erhardt-Perkins

Defense: Bullough-Fairbanks 3-4 (2-Gap) and Sub Packages

1st rd Pick (27 via New Orleans)- Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

(Credit goes to JMPasq)

Konz: 6'5" 314, 33" arms. The 18 bench reps are somewhat of a concern for Konz, but it's nothing that can't be fixed by the OL coach, Dante Scarnecchia. His size and long arms are something that is a plus for him, and should allow him to establish the line of scrimmage in the run game and hold his ground and give Brady a pocket to step up into. With LG Logan Mankins recovering from ACL surgery and Waters potentially retiring, OL has become a major need for the Patriots. Konz is clearly the best Center prospect in the draft and should become an immediate starter at Center. With Konz starting at center, Connolly will be moved to starting at left guard should Mankins miss any games. Patriots need to protect their #1 asset (Tom Brady) and upgrade the interior line should help.

1st rd Pick (31)- Trade with Rams for 2nd and a 3rd rd in 2012

Competition between the Rams and Colts for the 31st pick because they want Stanford TE Coby Fleener. Ultimately the Rams win because the Colts would only likely offer a 4th to move up 2 spots and the Rams would offer a 3rd to move up 6 spots.

2nd rd Pick (37)- Kendall Reyes, DL, U-Conn

(Credit to MetaDraft)- Video from 2010 season

Reyes: 6'4" 299, 33 1/4" arms. Kendall Reyes is another solid DT from the draft. His size projects him to play 5-tech DE in a 3-4 front. While his 40 (4.95) isn't great, his time on the shuttle (4.53) and 3-cone (7.43) shows good feet and quickness as a DL. Strength is not an issue (36 bench reps). He posted a better vertical jump and broad jump than Fletcher Cox (34 1/2" vertical jump and 9'3" broad jump) at the combine. He could be a very good pickup at the start of the 2nd round. He would be in competition with incumbent starter Brandon Deaderick for the starting Left End spot in a 3-man front, and since both are the same kind of player, it should be interesting to watch. I bet Reyes would absolutely love playing for his hometown team.

2nd rd Pick (48)- Harrison Smith, FS/SS, Notre Dame

(Credit to JMPasq)

Smith: 6'2" 213, 10 1/4" hands. Harrison Smith is one of the better safeties in the draft due to his versatility on the field, perhaps the best Free Safety in the draft. He has played Free Safety, Strong Safety and sub LB at Notre Dame. He has decent speed (4.57 40), quickness (4.12 shuttle and 6.63 3-cone), and has good instincts for a safety. A big bonus is that he is a 4-year starter at Notre Dame (including when former Patriots OC Charlie Weis was coaching there) and is a team captain. Smith is best used in a zone coverage, which allows him to use his instincts to track down the ball. He would be an immediate starter, even over Steve Gregory, because he is a great fit for the defense. Other interesting notes include a vertical jump of 34" and a broad jump of 10'2". He would project as the starting Free Safety on the Patriots and move Chung to the in-the-box/Strong Safety role.

2nd rd Pick (62)- Shea McClellin, DE/OLB, Boise St.

(Credit to ProphetofDP)

McClellin: 6'3" 260, 32 3/4" arms. McClellin's stock is on the rise. Coming from out of nowhere, Shea has established himself as an early draft selection. He has the ideal size, speed (4.63 40), and good quickness (4.33 shuttle and 7.07 3-cone drill). Arm length is a concern, as BB values DE's with long arms. His vertical is another thing that causes some concern with only a 31 1/2" jump. Although he isn't the athlete Nick Perry is, I believe he can develop into a solid football player. He would be in competition for a DE/OLB spot with Trevor Scott and Jermaine Cunningham on the strong side and I believe could beat both of them.

3rd rd Pick (65)- Trade to Eagles for a 3rd and 4th rd pick

Eagles trade up because Brandon Boykin falls to 65 and they need a CB that can play the slot. Patriots hold the card on this player and the Eagles trade a 4th to move up 12 spots. Then again- its also possible the Patriots select him to do the same thing at 65 if he is available. Trade streak with Philly goes to 13 consecutive seasons as BB and Reid love doing business with each other. (BB is 4-0 vs Reid in regular and postseason games)

3rd rd Pick (77)- Marvin Jones, WR, California

(Credit to MetaDraft)

Jones: 6'2" 199, 33 1/8" arms, 10 1/4" hands. Four receivers to pick from at 77 between Juron Criner, Tommy Streeter, Joe Adams, and Marvin Jones. Of the four WR's Marvin Jones is the best complete player. Not as big as Streeter or Criner, and not likely to make as big an impact as Adams could on special teams, but he is an underrated player who could really open eyes in New England. At 6'2" 200- he would be the tallest WR on the team, but thats just the beginning. Jones had a great combine, showcasing his talents. He has above average speed (4.46 40) and excellent quickness (4.11 shuttle, 6.81 3-cone drill). He has good jumping ability (33" vertical jump), great hands, and can adjust to a poorly thrown ball. There are some concerns about him separating against some of the best CB's and route running, but I think he is a sleeper pick in the draft for teams looking for value, like BB always does.

3rd rd Pick (94)- Trade to Denver for a 4th, 5th, and 7th

Tommy Streeter slips to 94- and the Broncos pull the trigger to get another outside receiver for Manning. Eric Decker moves to the slot and the Broncos use a 3-WR spread offense like Indy did when Manning was there. Elway, desperate to get his new star QB weapons, will give the Patriots 3 low round picks to jump 20 spots.

4th rd Pick (110)- Derek Wolfe, DL, Cincinnati

(Credit to JPDraftJedi)

Wolfe: 6'5" 295, 33 1/4" arms. This guy screams New England Patriot player. He would be a perfect fit for the 2-gap 3-4 base defense the Patriots run 30% of the time. He does an excellent job of diagnosing the play and attacking the right gap. Not very fast (5.01 40), but has decent quickness (4.44 shuttle, 7.26 3-cone). He will likely start out as a rotational player, but I think he would make the roster. His vertical jump (33 1/2") and broad jump (9') are very similar to another Patriots potential draft selection, Kendall Reyes. I like him more because he is a football player than an athlete. This guy is another sleeper pick in the draft and given the right coaching, could be a very solid player.

4th rd Pick (118)- Trade to Colts for 3rd rd in 2013

Colts are looking for a big RB like Robert Turbin to be a change up to Donald Brown. Colts offer a 3rd rd pick into next season for the right to select him.

4th rd Pick (127)- Chris Rainey, RB, Florida

(Credit MrJko23)

Rainey: 5'8" 180 9 1/4" hands. Not a big back, but could really contribute on special teams. Although he is the only player that would make Woodhead look big, he has more talent. Very explosive (10' broad jump) and quick (3.93 shuttle and 6.50 3-cone drill), great speed (4.45 40), and a 36.5" vertical jump. He would slot in as the team's kick and punt returner, which could push both Woodhead and Edelman off the roster. I imagine with his skills, would be more of a change of pace and receiving type back that would operate a lot in the shotgun. Although he may never see more than 20 snaps in a game on offense, his impact could be potentially huge.

5th rd Pick (153)- Kelcie McCray, SS, Arkansas St

(Credit to phillyjimmyphilms)

McCray: 6'2" 202, 32 1/4" arms, 8 7/8" hands. Another safety chosen. Doesn't have near the athleticism as Smith, and could be limited to an in the box role. He would have to prove his worth on special teams for a good deal of his career, as he doesn't have great measurables. Decent speed (4.54 40) for a safety, but not as quick (4.29 shuttle and 7.00 3-cone drill) as many of the safeties in the draft. Could be an interesting guy to play on special teams or on the practice squad.

7th rd Pick (235)- David Douglas, WR, Arizona

(Credit to ArizonaAthletics)

Just throwing out a name there- not much to say. Not invited to the combine so these #'s are based off of his pro day. 6'1" 198. 4.45 40, 36.5" Vertical Jump, 20 bench press reps. Underrated player who would slot in as a 7th rd pick and a practice squad player. When I saw him play, he profiled more as a possession/inside receiver who would do his damage in the middle of the field. Won't make the roster but could get plunked by a team if he has a good pre-season.


2 DL


1 FS

1 SS

2 WR

1 RB

8 players, 1 draft pick, good depth at almost all positions

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