Jack's Mock Draft 4.0 (I think)

READ THIS BEFORE LOOKING AT THE MOCK!!!....... you already saw it didn't you? Well can't blame you since its directly under this paragraph. I'm playing Devil's Advocate here. This will be a draft that I would absolutely love. I will explain each pick of course, and what my method of madness is. Whether you guys will approve of it or not is up to you. So let's see who I have here:

27) Whitney Mercillus, OLB- I absolutely would have wanted Konz here. But I think he would get picked before us anyways. We do need an OLB, and signs are pointing that BB will likely take on with his first pick. Whitney the size BB likes, and is a pass rusher that BB needs for his developing defense. A pass rushing OLB is pretty much the only key the pats defense needs.

Whitney Mercilus Video (via nyccfbfan)

31) TRADE- Pats trade 31 and their 4th for Rams 33rd pick and future 3rd.

33) Rueben Randle, WR- I expect people to be mixed with this. Here is Randle first of all: We have a bunch of WRs right now, but I do not expect them all to be here. The locks at WR imo are Lloyd and Welker. That is virtually it. McD is going to go back to the spread, and Randle has a tremendous talent, and who I think might be the best WR in this draft. I know there is Blackmon (who I think best fits in a west coast offense) and Flloyd, but Randle possess speed, body control, hands, jumping ability, and route running performing top notch with a bad bad QB, and I think Randle would be the best WR in this draft when its all said and done. I can see Brady having a lot of fun with Randle, and he and Lloyd on the outside will be pretty deadly. I know WRs are deep this draft. I love Marvin Jones in particular, but when it comes to a WR with a higher ceiling, as well as superior talent, Randle is a great candidate. Feels like the Rob Gronkowski of 2012.

Rueben Randle Highlights 2011 [HD] (via PraqticuL)

48) TRADE- Pats trade 48 for future 1st and 2012 3rd.

63) Brandon Boykin, CB- I believe people are disappointment with trading the 48th pick. But getting a future 1st out of it seems fine by some pat fans. Others would have wanted Harrison Smith if he was there. Despite his size, Boykin is a tough CB who can play both man and zone, and can jump pretty high. he defended top college WRs well, and he will likely slip to us at the bottom of the 2nd. We need depth at CB. We don't know if Ras-I will be healthy, Arrington is a capable #2, but his strength would be in the slot, Boykin can battle the #2 spot with Arrington and Sterling moore if Ras-I is not good to go. McCourty MIGHT transition to safety. But I'm willing to bet that BB would still get a safety in the draft.

Brandon Boykin (UGA Highlights) - Thank You Brandon!! (via nextkobe111)

3rd round pick from trade) Ben Jones, C- Safety will be grabbed later. The pats have to address the center problem. Connelly is not the answer. He cannot block against very good DTs, and we need Brady to be comfortable in the middle. Jones may not have a very high ceiling, but that doesn't stop Dante S. from developing our OL into awesome additions. Jones is very well rounded, and strong, and is quick for a Center. I believe he can go to guard as well, but don't hold me to it. Signs point to BB grabbing a Center in the top 3 rounds of this draft, and I think ben Jones would be a good pickup, and provide a very good anchor in the center of our OL.

Ben Jones NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

3b) TRADE- Pats trade this for a mid 4th and mid 6th

mid 4th) TRADE- late 4th, late 6th.

Late 4th) Brandon Taylor, FS- Taylor is very underrate, and BB has not forgotten about our safety position. He is very well rounded, and a smart player. I highly suggest you look at film on youtube for him. All I could find were his games against Alabama and Florida. This is the 'Bama vid. You will see Trent Richardson doing his thing, so don't expect awesome things to happen. However, he made some good plays here, and it WAS against the #1 ranked team.

Brandon Taylor vs Alabama (via BrownsOrBust)

mid 6th) Tyler Nielson, ILB- Nielson was known to be a very good cover LB. Here is his profile if you like to read it. I figure we can sub him in on passing downs. We could use a very good coverage LB.

late 6th) Kelcie McCray, SS/FS- I like McCray quit a bit. he has great size, knows how to tackle, and has good coverage skills. Here is some video on him. I like what I see in the 6th rounder, and he will add some very good depth.

Here was my post on mocking the draft on Kelcie McCray

We get a future 1st and future 3rd out of this draft. I don't know if these trades can actually happen or not, but I think they are fine. So what do you guys think? Is it good? Bad? Unexpecting? Awesome?

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