Pats one of many teams watching Ryan Broyles workout.

According to NflDraftBible, the pats were one of many teams watching the workout of Ryan Broyles, WR out of Oklahoma. Broyles is considered by CBS Draft to be a 3-4th rounder, and has the skillset to be an above average slot WR in the mold as a Wes Welker, or Steve Breaston.

In college, Broyles put up very nice numbers. Since 2009, Broyles has averaged 7.4 receptions per game (7.4 in 2009, 9.4 in 2010, and 9.2 in 2011). Broyles is a tough WR who has a knack for getting open it seems. And in that time span he put up well over 1000 yards each season (barring his rookie year in college). For more stats, I encouracge you to visit here at CFB. Very detailed statistics.

Here is CBS Draft's profile on Broyles:


Broyles went down with a torn left ACL in November, but not before he became the NCAA leader with 349 career receptions. His health, in addition to limited size, height and bulk, is a hurdle but scouts believe in his work ethic and dedication.

Being unable to answer the bigger concern -- straight-line speed -- will drop him on many draft boards. Value hunters who appreciate him as a football player won't be swayed.

Broyles said he was ready to work out for teams just five months after his knee surgery, and if he proves healthy in pre-draft workouts he could shoot up to the middle rounds.


Positives: Shows quickness off the snap to shake off corners and create room. Separates with hesitation moves and nice acceleration. Hands and toughness are among his greatest strengths. Extends arms to snatch throws outside his frame. Good sideline awareness. Works the middle of the field effectively. An elusive runner with shifty hips and toughness. Has long arms to stiff-arm defensive backs in the open field. Willing to lower his pads to run through tackles for extra yardage. Goes over the middle, can spin out of tackles and take the big hit. Return skills come from that quick burst and his ability to wiggle through creases in full speed.

Negatives: Torn left ACL raises durability questions for a player whose speed has long been a concern. Will struggle to get off the jam at the next level because of his size. Dances more often than you'd like as a returner. Quick, not fast, and is often caught from behind. Gives effort, but he's not a blocking threat.

For more click here.

And here is a video of Broyles vs. Texas in 2011

Ryan Broyles vs Texas 2011 (via JMPasq)

This is just a visit really. Broyles has the upside and ability to be our future at slot WR. We don't fully know what will happen to Welker in the next 1-3 years, but you can imagine that if anything happens, Broyles should be able to step right in and contribute. If the pats would draft Broyles, then that could mean that BB is willing to wait another year to grab a taller WR, and that he is confident enough in Chad and Stallworth, and perhaps even Gonzo to play opposite of Lloyd (with Herndo lining up outside at times).

Regardless though, I like Broyles. I think he will be a solid contributor on any team he is on. Other teams in attendance were: ATL, BAL, BUF, CAR, DEN, IND, JAX, KC, NYG, PHI, and TEN.

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