Patriots Live Mock Draft Results

Hey all,

Over this weekend I participated in a live mock draft over at Mocking the Draft and represented your Patriots. After the positive feedback I received earlier in the week asking for help on the Patriots needs (found here), I decided to come back and share my results. It was a great experience and I definitely would recommend it for anyone who likes the draft. Also, 2013 picks were not allowed to be traded so no picking up another first for next year, and I tried to trade back numerous times to obtain later round picks but never could find a deal. If you would like to see how the rest of the draft went, here is a link; April Live Draft Tracker.

1-27: Nick Perry, DE, USC
After failing to trade up for Melvin Ingram at 16, I decided to stay put. By the time this pick arrived I had it narrowed done to two options; Janoris Jenkins and Nick Perry. Both were rated about the same on my board, but I decided to go with Perry for a few reason. 1. Defensive end is a much greater need for the Pats. and 2. I felt Janoris Jenkins had a better chance of falling to the 31st pick as Perry surely would've been picked by Green Bay, Baltimore or Denver (traded back).

1-31: Jerel Worthy, DT, MSU
Once again my plans to trade (back) collapsed and I had to stay put. After pick 27 I decided this pick would either be Jenkins or Still. Unfortunately Green Bay took Still and Tampa Bay traded up for Jenkins. This left me scrambling for a pick, and I had to take Worthy who I don't like that much. Worthy was my BPA (besides Tannehill and Fleener) and fills another need.

2-48: Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska
The Patriots secondary was horrendous last year and desperately needs help. Dennard was my BPA, and will join a young secondary which has the potential to become better over time.

2-62: Kelechi Osemele, OG, Iowa St.
Although guard may not seem like a need for the patriots, it will be in a few years since Brian Waters and Logan Mankins are aging. Osemele will be able to sit and learn from the best for a few years before taking over Waters position. I believe he will be great in the Patriots system, and will provide good depth.

3-93: Jamell Flemming, CB, Oklahoma
Here you can basically copy and paste Dennards explanation and just insert Jamell Flemming. I almost went George Iloka or Brandon Taylor (safties) here, but I ultimately decided to stay with the BPA available approach.

4-126: Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise St.
At first I was looking to take a high risk-high reward player here (Not really high risk but w/e), but my options were either picked before me; Andrew Datko and Ryan Broyles, or would've been a reach; Donte Paige-Moss, Cliff Hariss, or Vontaze Burflict. Therefore, I decided to double-down on pass rushers and took Tyrone Crawford.

At the end I was pretty happy about how my draft went. If I could change one thing though, it would be trading down with at least one of my picks and gaining more late-rounders. Would love to see some constructive criticism from all of you, and let me know who you would've taken instead. (Check Live Draft Tracker to see who was available at each pick) They probably won't see this, but I would also like to thank Seton Hall and Steelers, Nolesbroncos, TrueBlue, and Mr. Malor for organizing and running this. Please let me know how I did and vote in the poll.

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