My fantasy draft...

Everyone has been posting what they would do, what they want to see and their ideas about what BB will do.

I have NO idea what BB will do. After the jump a possible trend for BB and what I would love to see.

The trend I mention is that I think it is very possible for BB to trade up in the first round because the risk of the contracts has been lessened. I also think the 90 person camp roster means that there is more room for undrafted free agents and thus BB can cast a wider net of UFA signings and thus not need as many picks in the draft affording him to move up even if it costs late round picks.

On the other hand the 90 man roster might entice BB to trade down to get more picks in the later rounds.

Before I state what I would like to see let me say that I don't watch college football and so some of this is just conjecture on my part. I have noticed that there are a tone of Dline/3-4 OLB talent and it's really hard to tell who can transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 LB, DT to 3-4 DE etc. For this reason and because these players are stud or bust I would like for BB to go to a position he covets and knows well; LB. I think Kuichly or whatever is well out of reach b/c what would be given up would be too much. But for Hightower, i don't think we will have to go nuts to get ahead of the steelers and we may or may not be bidding against the Ravens to trade up with CLE or DET.

I want to trade 27 and whatever next year, 3rd RD and maybe swap 3rds this year if we have to. I think BB would love a 3 down LB and to be able to build a core of LBs including Mayo, Spikes Nink, Cunningham (he will show his talent this year) and even Fletcher as stud depth. Add in Hightower and we will have a great rotation again akin to 2001-2006.

At 31 i would stand pat (no pun intended) and see if Janoris Jenkins is there and if so I would take him in a heartbeat. He could provide immediate impact and between he and Ras I one of the two should end up being great, if both all the better. If they do then McCourty can move to FS or stay at CB as the nickle will be run alot, Every year CB are getting hurt so to have 4 starter quality CB is fine with me. From an injury standpoint you can never have enough CBs and OL.

Second round get an DE/DT or pass rusher, someone will be left over. get the mid round safety i have heard about and a C later for scar to groom. addresses weaknesses as there are no needs. Also with 90 roster slots BB and scar can get an UFA OL project or two.

I just love the idea of Jenkins and HIghtower and how they can add to this team.


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