Patriots Picks - CSR Mock Draft

Hello fellow Patriots (I played B. Gen. Morgan in that movie, and LOL found out later that he was my Grandmother's brother generations back), I'm reporting on the Patriots portion of the CSR Mock Draft, conducted over the weekend (Friday & Saturday).

I represented the Patriots in the CSR Mock Draft, and thought you Patriots fans would like to see the draft results. First off, you can approach making your draft picks as you think the Patriots actually will, but I'll leave that to the reporters who cover the teams to do that, and the other approach is make your own best decisions to fill the teams needs, just as if you were the real decision maker, so that's what I did. I believe the Patriots have more needs than draft picks, and chose to make a few trades, but I explain those after I post a list of Patriots picks (that's what your most interested in anyway).

Patriots 2012 Draft Picks:

19. DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus (6-3 5/8, 261, 33 7/8 inch arms, 4.63-40, 1.56-10, 16 sacks, 22.5 TFL's, and 9 forced fumbles in 2011)

48. OLB Bruce Irvin (6-3, 245, 4.41-40, 33 3/8 inch arms, and 22.5 sacks in the last 2 seasons)

62. OG Brandon Brooks (6-5, 346, 36 bench reps, 4.98-40, 1.71-10, 7.42 3-cone, and 4.52-20 yard shuttle)

67. CB Brandon Boykin (5-9 1/2, 182, 21 bench reps,he was able to run a 4.45-40 less than 3 months after breaking his leg)

105. S/CB Brandon Hardin (6-2 5/8, 219, 4.36-40, 6.60 3-cone, 4.03-20 yard shuttle)

126. 4-3 DT/3-4 DE Jaye Howard (6-3, 301, 33 inch arms, 4.75-40, 1.72-10, 5.5 sacks in 2011)

142. OT Donald Stephenson (6-5 1/2, 312, 34 7/8 inch arms, 4.94-40, 35.5 inch vertical)

176. WR DeVier Posey (6-1 5/8, 211, 4.37-40, 1.45-10, 36.5 inch vertical)

178. 4-3 DT Mike Daniels (6-0 1/2, 291, 4.86-40 in 2010, 9 sacks in 2011, hasn't been able to workout)

184. OLB Sammy Brown (6-1 7/8, 242, 4.64-40, 33 7/8 inch arms, 37 inch vertical, 14 sacks, and lead the nation with 30 TFL's in 2011)

188. RB Michael Smith (5-8 1/4, 207, 4.32-40, 1.48-10, 40.5 inch vertical)

217. WR Chris Owusu (6-0 1/8, 196, 31 3/4 inch arms, 4.31-40, 40.5 inch vertical, 3 concussions)

220. FS/CB Neiko Thorpe (6-1 1/4, 198, 4.39-40, 38 inch vertical, 11-5 broad jump, 3 seasons at CB, 2011 at FS)

228. CB/Returner Derrius Brooks (5-9 1/2, 192, 4.29-40, 1.46-10, 38 inch vertical)

UDFA's (first allowed 5, then cut to 3, first to pick a player got him):

FS/CB Jordan Bademosi (6-0 3/4, 197, 32 1/2 inch arms, 4.35-40, 40 inch vertical)

WR Michael Calvin (6-2 1/2, 215, 32 3/4 inch arms, 4.32-40, 40.5 inch vertical, 11-1 broad jump)

WR Deonte Thompson (5-11 3/4, 200, 32 1/2 inch arms, 4.23-40, 20 bench reps, 101 career catches at Florida)

OT/G Nick Mondek (6-5 3/4, 304, 33 3/8 inch arms, 4.84-40, 1.59-10, 7.30 3-cone, 4.55-20 yard shuttle, 30 bench reps)

WR/TE Derek Carrier (6-3 3/8, 238, 4.49-40, 1.57-10, 38 inch vertical, 6.70 3-cone)


1. Patriots #27 & #31 picks to the Bears for their #19, #50, #184, and #220. I posted that I wanted to trade up in the 1st round, and pick up extra late round picks, the Bears proposed this trade. I made the trade in order to make sure that the Patriots got one of the drafts top pass rushers, and they got him in Mercilus.

2. Patriots #50 pick (acquired from the Bears) to the Jaguars for their #67, #142, #16, #178, and #228 picks. The Jaguars proposed this trade, because they don't believe this draft is a deep as I do, and I jumped at it. This trade might seem like stealing on my part, but by the Trade Value Chart they used the Patriots #50 pick was actually worth a little over 4 points more than what they got.

3. Patriots # 93 pick to the Rams, for their #105 and #217 picks. This trade was rushed at the last minute, because the draft would stop overnight after the #95 pick ending the 3rd round. This was sort of a panic trade on my part, and could have been a major mistake if S/CB Brandon Hardin had been picked before the #105 pick Saturday.

4. Patriots trade WR Chad Ochocinco to the Vikings, for the #188 pick. I did it to open up more salary cap room, and get rid of a potential problem.

What I Viewed As The Patriots Biggest Needs:

1. The Patriots have to replace 2 10 sack pass rushers, 22.5 total sacks, and it will take more than just 2 draft picks to do it.

2. The secondary must be almost totally overhalled, except for S Patrick Chung, CB Kyle Arrington, CB's Devin McCourty, and Ras-I Dowling.

3. The O-Line is starting to get old, and needs to at least add a quality backup and G and OT.

4. The Patriots need some big WR's, with speed (even more so after I traded Chad Ochocinco), because their top 2 WR's are only 5-9, and their 3 best WR is only 5-10.

5. The Patriots need better OLB's.

6. The Patriots need a returner.

Why I Made The Picks I Did:

I tried to draft players who fit both the 4-3 and 3-4 defense.

19. DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus is the drafts best pass rusher (4.63-40, 1.56-10, and leading the FCS in sacks in 2011 with 16, with 22.5 TFL's, and 9 forced fumbles), who can play both 4-3 DE, and 3-4 OLB, being the key to the combo 4-3/3-4 defense.

48. OLB Bruce Irvin has the speed (4.41-40) to be a great OLB in any defense, and the 2nd good pass rusher drafted.

62. OG Brandon Brooks has the best combination of size, speed, and power of any O-Lineman in the draft, and Marcus Cannon will likely be starting inside by the end of this year or next.

67. CB Brandon Boykin is one of the draft's best CB's, and returners. He might have been drafted a round earlier, if he hadn't broken his leg around 3 months ago.

105. S/CB Brandon Hardin has ideal NFL SS size (6-2 5/8, 219), with the speed (4.36-40) of a CB, and is thus unique in this draft. It was a close call whether to draft Hardin, or OT Donald Stephenson, but Hardin's uniqueness tipped the scales his way. I believe in time he will become the Patriots starting SS (maybe backed up by SS Josh Barrett), with Patrick Chung playing FS (or reversing thos positions if they want).

126. DT/DE Jaye Howard fits the Patriots need for a big (6-3,301) fast (4.72-40, 1.72-10) 3-4 DE, who can also play 4-3 DT, and Howard fits perfectly. I had hope of drafting Howard at #142, but the DT's went fast, and Howard wouldn't have lasted until the #142 pick.

142. OT Donald Stephenson can backup Solder and Vollmer at OT this season, and one draft expert wrote last week that become only the 2nd LOT to come out of this draft in time. It was a very close call to draft Hardin at #105 rather than Stephenson, and I had hope that I could draft him at #126, but was forced to draft Howard instead. I admit it, I just got lucky that Stephenson fell this far, at the time had him ranked at #93, and now he's moved up into the 60's.

176. WR DeVier Posey was good at Ohio St., even without an accurate QB, and he'll be a giant amoung the Patriots WR's (the top 2 WR's 5-9 and the 3rd is 5-10) at 6-1 5/8. I had missed out on bigger WR's like Randle and Childs earlier.

178. DT Mike Daniels is a little small (6-0 1/2, 291), so he's more of a pass rush specilist (9 sacks in 2011), or a 3-4 DE. I thought of drafting DE Brandon Lindsey (10 sacks in 2011), but at 245 pounds I thought he was too small to be a 4-3 DE.

184. OLB Sammy Brown lead the nation with 30 TFL's in 2011, with 14 sacks, and at 6-1 7/8, 242, with a 4.64-40 he should be able to play in both a 3-4 or 4-3 defencs.

188. RB Michael Smith (5-8 1/4, 207, 4.32-40, 1.48-10) is a perfect backup/replacemet for Woodhead.

217. WR Chris Owusu with a 4.31-40 is worth taking a risk on in the 7th round, even with 3 concussions, and I'm surprised the Colts didn't draft him for Luck.

200. FS/CB Neiko Thorpe played FS in 2011, but CB the 3 seasons before, and he has great CB size (6-1 1/4), and speed (4.39-40), to be a good backup for Dowling, or at FS.

228. CB Derrius Brooks is super fast (4.29-40, 1.46-10), and should be a good returner, and backup "nickle" CB (5-9 1/2, but a 38 inch vertical).

UDFA's (we were first allowed 5, but it was cut to 3, first claim got the player):

FS/CB Jordan Bademosi (6-0 3/4, 197, 32 1/2 inch arms, 4.35-40, 16 bench reps, 40 inch vertical, 10-5 broad jump, 6.96 3-cone, 4.10-20 yard shuttle), more size and depth at FS/CB.

WR Michael Calvin (6-2 1/2, 215, 32 3/4 inch arms, 9 1/2 inch hands, 4.32-40, 1.62-10, 16 bench reps, 40.5 inch vertical, 11-1 broad jump, 6.70 3-cone, and a 4.09-20 yard shuttle) is big and fast, but only caught 20 career passes at Cal., because he was stuck behind Marvin Jones (an early pick this year), and another WR who's likely a top 10 pick next year.

WR Brandon Thompson (5-11 3/4, 200, 32 1/2 inch arms, 8 3/8 inch hands, a 4.23-40, 20 bench reps, 36.5 inch vertical, 10-5 broad jump, 7.09 3-cone, and 4.37-20 yard shuttle) had 101 career catches at Florida.

OT/G Nick Mondek (6-5 3/4, 304, 33 3/8 inch arms, 9 1/4 inch hands, 4.84-40, 1.59-10, 30 bench reps, 28.5 inch vertical, 9-2 broad jump, 7.30 3-cone, and a 4.55-20 yard shuttle) might be a good backup at all O-Line positions with his great speed.

WR/TE Derek Carrier (6-3 3/8, 238, 4.49-40, 1.57-10, 15 bench reps, 38 inch vertical, 10-2 broad jump, 6.70 3-cone, and 4.09-20 yard shuttle) had 75 catches in 2011, for 1,100 yards, and 12 TD's, for Division III Beloit College. He might be a good backup for Hernandez, or a big WR.

Well, that's it, what do you think?

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