Reacting to the First Round, Team by Team.

Colts, Skins; well done. Enough said.

The Vikings pulled some trickery and still got their man Matt Kalil.

The Browns got the player I most wanted to see in a Pats uniform in TRich.

The Bucs tried to get too clever by half, gambling that St. Louis wouldn't take a CB if they trade back with a team that wants to jump ahead of the Rams.

Jacksonville grabs Blackmon, giving Blaine Gabbert a chance.

St. Louis takes it out on the Bucs, trading with the Cowboys for Morris Claiborne.

The Bucs get left holding the pot and go for SS Mark Barron. He'll be a good SS but they missed out on Claiborne for a late-4th.

The Dolphins go for a Texan-version of Sanchez.. A feast or famine QB with little tape and a lot of work ahead.

The Panthers shocked me with Luke Kuechly, but he's a great pick. Cox falls out of the top-10.

The Bills get Stephon Gilmore, ignoring their offensive line and WR corps. They'll need to make some good moves

in the 2nd and 3rd.

The Chiefs got Dontari Poe. A bit of a reach, but give Romeo some time. I had them getting Kuechly who's gone.

The Seahawks trade with the Eagles, and the Eagles do what everyone thought; go for Fletcher Cox. Their D still needs LBs and S's.

The Cardinals got Michael Floyd, a smart move but their OLine needs help and quick.

The Rams piss me off and get Michael Brockers.

The Seahawks shock the world and reach to the heavens for Bruce Almighty.

The Jets get Quinton Coples. If their FO was smart they'd have taken Reiff here, or at least a DE without so much bust potential. In that locker-room I would not be too worried about Coples.

Cincy grabs CB Kirkpatirck. They should have grabbed Decastro.

Chargers get Melvin Ingram and pray his real name isn't English.

Bears get Shea McClellin. I didn't want him and his 3 concussions. They should have grabbed Decastro.

Titans grab Kendall Wright. Dumb, dumb, dumb. They ignored their huge needs in the front-7. We'll see them in Week 1.

PATRIOTS MOVED UP, but not for the player I projected them doing this with. Michael Brockers got taken already. They're now jumping ahead of Detroit for a DE/OLB, not Denver for DT/DE Brockers. While I projected the Bengals trading out of 21 I didn't expect it to be this; Chandler Jones. The late riser, the guy Mayock said will become the best Defensive player of this draft. Why? They can get DT/DEs and WRs later in the draft as this position is deep and Devon Still has too many injury concerns.(probably confirmed by new Penn State coach Bill O'Brien). Brilliant move if the hype is true, and I need to dig up the old film.

Browns.... are you kidding me? He adds age to the QB corps and proves to the world why so many football fans feel bad for Cleveland. Sorry, Colt.

Megatron is happy to announce that his QB will get better protection. Riley Reiff should have gone in the teens. Linemen dropping, including Decastro.

Steelers are in a tough position. Do they get Decastro or do they get Donta Hightower? I never thought Decastro would fall this far, and while Hightower looks made to play for Dick Lebeau, you can't pass this up. Amazing value here. I had Decastro going 11th to the Chiefs.

The Broncos should... what? WHAT?! Belichick refuses to let the Ravens get Donta Hightower. This is amazing. I have no idea what this means except perhaps some competition for Ninkovich. Suddenly the Pats are very deep at ILB, but I imagine Belichick's been thinking of moving the pieces around. Maybe he thinks Hightower could be a DE as some think. Or even 34OLB as some think. I'm sure Nick Saban has told BB all he wants to know about the kid. Shocking all the same, but when the Steelers had Decastro fall into the lap you couldn't help but suspect it was coming.

The Texans snatch up Whitney Mercilus much to the chagrin of GreenBay. Interesting fact about Mercilus; most of his pressure came up the middle, not off of the edge.

The Bengals should have grabbed Decastro. Instead they get Zeilter who's a smart kid but not the beast Decastro is. Still, they got an extra late-3rd rounder from us to find a CB or WR in this deep draft.

I got other picks rights. Luck and RGIII of course. The rest has been different. Kalil and Richardson to the right teams at different spots, Cox to the Eagles earlier. The Dolphins got Tannehill earlier than I thought. Finaly, a get another pick besides the first 2 perfect; Nick Perry to GreenBay. They're banking on finding a 5-tech 34DE in the late-2nd, much like the Pats are probably in the mid-2nd. Fun fact; Their DE/OLBs are both USC guys.

The Ravens got screwed. Hightower is gone and without Ray Lewis's successor in sight they go for. a tradeback with the Vikings, who I projected would try to get back into the late-1st. Why not? They basically forced the Browns to give up those mid/late rounders, so why not? I projected they would come back for Kirkpatrick, but he's taken- they get Harrison Smith. They probably figured Denver or SanFran were thinking about him. Wow. Good for the Vikes.

Then comes SanFran, rivaling the Seahawks for the biggest reach of the draft. WR A.J. Jenkins. Most had him in the 2nd or 3rd. Amazing. What were they thinking? Peter Konz, Devon Still, Cordy Glenn, Andre Branch, CB Janoris Jenkins, and WR Alshon Jeffery are still available.

Denver traded back here with us. So what do they do? Do the smart thing, and grab Konz or Glenn to give Peyton better protection? Jeffery so he has a deep WR corps? Devon Still, to try and fill the big shoes of Brodrick Bunkley? No, they trade back again to the Bucs. They have to make up for that massive screwup they made earlier by letting Claiborne fall from their grasp. So they get Doug Martin, a RB that would have been available at their 2nd round pick.

So who did the Giants have as their BPA? David Wilson. WHAT?! Shocker. They reached for a need, not the BPA.

Biggest screwups:

The Bucs. Lost out on Claiborne for Barron, which they didn't intend to happen- St. Louis gave them some payback for when the Bucs tried gaming them over Blackmon. Then they overdraft a RB.

The Seahawks. They reach for a guy who would have been there at their 2nd round pick, and probably their 3rd round pick. Bruce Irvin was.

The Jets. They went for flash, not wins, by choosing Quinton Coples ahead of all other prospects.

The 49ers. A.J. Jenkins is a great talent who would have likely been there at 61st overall.

The Phins. You know why.

Best moves:

The Colts and Skins. You know why.

Pittsburgh got David Decastro at 24th overall. Ridiculous value, and that's one of the few players who I could have been the Steelers going for over Hightower. He shouldn't have dropped this far.

The Rams. The Bucs nearly screwed them but they persevered. They have two early-2nds and one mid-2nd tomorrow, and they got Michael Brockers.

Biggest shocks:

A.J. Jenkins to SanFran? Bruce Irvin to Seattle? David Wilson to NYG? All 2nd-3rd round guys.

Pats. They traded up for DE/OLB Chandler Jones and LB Donta Hightower. Who saw that coming? They have only 2 picks left in this draft, at 48th overall and 62nd overall. Belichick is cashing in those draft picks he's been accumulating.

BPAs remaining:

G/T Cordy Glenn, C/G Peter Konz, DT/DE Devon Still, DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB Andre Branch, WR Alshon Jeffery, TE Coby Fleener, DT/DE Kendall Reyes, and DT/DE Jerel Worthy.

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