D.S.T.'s 2012 Mock Draft 1.0

Everyone is writing drafts and I've decided to finally try my hand at it.

My Draft - Click the Link to see it.

Picks 1-6 are largely the same with every draft out there.

7. Jaguars - I decided to go with Melvin Ingram - he's a very highly rated talent at the position of need for the Jaguars. Their other option was Coples but Jacksonville seems to always prefer players who produce with high motor and Ingram is a better fit.

8. is a no-brainer

9. Although people think they'll take someone like Poe, the Panthers will take the BPA on Defense. In my mind, Poe is a very unknown quantity. Cox has the athleticism and the stats. Rumors have already linked him to the Panthers.

10. no-brainer

11. The Chiefs would be thrilled - they need a DT (Wilfork-type) and Poe is the perfect fit. Crennel must already be salivating over this.

12. Coples is the BPA at a position of need - the Seahawks will be satisfied.

13. I struggled with this pick, but multiple Cardinals bloggers want a LB and are positive Upshaw is the pick here. They don't feel the need for a DE or ILB so it was Upshaw or DeCastro. Cardinals bloggers don't see the pressing need for an OG so I went defensive.

14. Kuechly is clearly the best player available and the Cowboys love taking BPAs. They have a clear spot for a guy like him at ILB.

15. The Eagles want a DT and Brockers is sitting pretty. Why would they not?

16. The Jets would be taking Barron but since Jacksonville passed on Floyd (Jax always picks WRs in later rounds if the draft is deep), the Jets will be overjoyed to take Floyd here.

17. The Bengals need an OG and DeCastro has fallen into their reach. With multiple O-line hungry teams coming up, this is the safe pick for them.

18. I struggled a bit with the Chargers but they love flash and athleticism on the D-line. They took Akeem Ayers last year but multiple Chargers bloggers say they would love Mercilus who is flashy and athletic. I could have gone O-line here, but Rivers is putting up 4000 yard seasons 4 years in a row. The problem is clearly discipline and defense. They need pass-rush.

19. The Bears have been lusting after Martin and he falls to them. Perfect.

20. The Titans need pass-rush and Perry is a good pick.

21. The Bengals get a second dream pick, landing Dre Kirkpatrick. I feel that they're trying to turn a new leaf and they'll avoid guys like Janoris Jenkins for now. The team is young and growing - they don't need Jenkins right now. What a great draft for them! DeCastro and Kirkpatrick are both solid picks who can be franchise cornerstones.

22. Different bloggers project S. Hill or Wright at this pick for the Browns. But Hill is ridiculously overrated. He's another Ted Ginn or any of the other super-fast projects out there.The Browns need a safe pick and Wright is simply better.

23. The Lions desperately need a CB and Gilmore is a solid pick at 23. If not Gilmore, Adams would be the pick.

24. The Steelers need a LB and Hightower is perfect for their style of D.

25. The Broncos really need a DT. They would have liked Brockers but Worthy is a darn good DT. They could go with Barron here but every blogger I've seen is going DT.

26. The Texans will take a WR - either Jeffery or Randle here. They don't have any other glaring weaknesses.

27. The Patriots have Barron fall into their lap!! Great pick. They have to pick him here because Baltimore and/or GB has a potential to pick him.

28. Green Bay can get their C of the future. He's a bit raw but with Saturday as a stop-gap, it's perfect.

29. Baltimore now finds that Cordy Glenn has fallen all the way from the top 20! He's a great pick at a position of need.

30. the 9ers can get a great WR to groom in S. Hill. He's got the speed and size but he's a project. But with an upgraded WR corp, he can learn from Moss and the others and be ready to go by next year.

31. The Patriots will most likely trade this pick, but I've slotted Andre Branch who'd fill the other big Patriot need. Barron and Branch would be a dream draft.

32. Who cares? Well, Mike Adams has fallen from potentially a top 25 pick to the end of the round - great value pick for an O-line that was a sieve this last year.

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