Pats 2-Round Mock Draft

The whole 2-round mock is at MTD.

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27th overall:

C/G Peter Konz, Wisconsin.

Pats try dangling him as trade-bait but they get no takers. Mercilus, Ingram, Brockers, Cox, Still, and Barron are all gone. The Pats know if they want what may be a massive-upgrade at Center they're going to need to take him here or risk GB, Baltimore, or SF taking him. They pull the trigger, deciding his potential at that position is too good to pass up. I have them passing over DE/OLB Nick Perry, CB Janoris Jenkins, and WRs Jeffery/Wright to grab Konz and potentially lock that position up for the next decade.

31st overall:
DE/OLB Andre Branch, Clemson.

The Pats try getting a 2013 1st rounder and either a 2nd or 3rd 2012er. It doesn't work this year so New England pulls the trigger on Andre Branch. They figure they'll have a better chance of landing a good DT/DE in the 2nd round than they will with a DE/OLB. Branch looks like a good fit for New England to lock down the position opposite Ninkovich. I have them passing over Jenkins again along with WRs Sanu/Randle and S Harrison Smith.

48th overall:

DT/DE Kendall Reyes, UConn.

The Pats lose out on their chance to get SS Harrison Smith, Jerel Worthy, DE/OLB Vinny Curry, and DE/OLB Shea McClellin along with some other CBs. But that's okay because Reyes is good value here and would be an upgrade over some of the guys they have playing upfront. Vince Wilfork needs to be able to move back to NT in the base 34,

62nd overall has a surprise to it.

FS George Iloka, Boise.

He's a 6'4 and mid 220's FreeSafety with an intriguing mix of size and speed. This will appeal to a defensive-minded coach like Belichick who loves versatility. He was reportedly looking for coverage-LBs for sub-packages, and that's a role where a lean guy like Iloka could excel. Iloka provides competition/depth to Steve Gregory at FS(the biggest hole of last year) and at LB in coverage situations(see; Guyton, White) and maybe even kick out to SS if Chung goes down again.

They don't take a WR or RB in the first 2 rounds.

Given who I had available at each spot(link to the mock is at the top of this post), would you have preferred someone else instead?

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