Bill Belichick Day Five Press Conference Notes

July 26, 2012; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talks with the media during opening day of training camp at the team practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-US PRESSWIRE

Following a much needed day off on Monday, the New England Patriots were back on the practice field on Tuesday for Day five of Training Camp at Gillette Stadium.

After taking a media-hiatus, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick returned to the podium on Tuesday to address some reporters there. Here are a few things that were disussed:

On Defensive End/Outside Linebacker Trevor Scott, And His Progression During Camp:

"Trevor is a guy we did work on coming out in the draft four years ago. [He's a] Buffalo kid; Eastern-type kid. He played a couple different positions out at Oakland during his time there - some defensive end, some outside linebacker, some sub rush responsibilities. A lot of times he was on the line, sometimes in a three-point stance, sometimes in a two-point stance but he also did play off the line in linebacker roles. We saw him do a lot of different things, in addition to the kicking game. He has some versatility, he's young and he's worked hard. He had a real good offseason for us in terms of our offseason program; he was one of our award winners there. He's getting acclimated but again, a long way to go. There are certainly a lot of things that we do that either he needs to work on or that he hasn't done at Oakland or whatever it is. But he's a hard working kid and he's making progress."

On The Apparent Early Fluid Chemistry Of Tom Brady And Brandon Lloyd

"Yeah, we have a long way to go. I think it's a little too early to get excited about anything. We have a lot of work to do - everybody - coaches, players, veterans, everybody."

On The Evolution Of Defensive Sub Packages In The NFL

"Teams are balanced and they do a good job of scouting themselves and making sure that they don't create any heavy tendencies or maybe if they do create them, it's because they want to create them. I would say that it's still tilted a little bit more that way than the other way, lets say. In other words, most weeks I would say the most athletic pass rusher that we face lines up on our left side. It's not set in stone, but generally that would be what we would see."

On Rob Ninkovich Getting Reps At Defensive End, And If He Believes He's Suited For The Role

"Essentially that's what Rob has done. Rob is pretty flexible - he's played both sides and played on his feet, played in a three-point stance. I think he's certainly strong enough to do that, physical enough, plays with good leverage, yeah."

On Whether Or Not Having A Smaller Roster Allows For A Better Student-Teacher Ratio

"I don't know. Look, whatever it is, it is. If it's 80, it's 80. If it's 90, it's 90. If it's 100, it's 100. We'll do the best with whatever it is, try to make the most out of it. I don't see it as an advantage-disadvantage. I think you take whatever your opportunities are and you figure out how to make the most of them. If they change, then you take the new set of circumstances and make the best of them."

On Undrafted Rookie Running Back Brandon Bolden, And What He's Seen So Far

"I think he seems like he's done a decent job in the areas that we've asked him to work in; special teams. He can catch the ball, has some skill in the passing game and he had some production in the running game in college. We've only seen that in drills, we haven't seen that really in live competition yet. But based on college, it looked like he can run the ball. Pretty smart guy, can catch [and] can play in the kicking game."

"Like all the rookies, he's made plenty of mistakes. But he's made progress, he's worked at it. Like I said, he's a smart kid, he's picked things up fairly well."

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