Chandler Jones All Smiles... Like Usual

New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones during training camp at the team practice facility.

FOXBOROUGH, MA -- You'd be hard pressed to find a time when defensive end Chandler Jones isn't smiling. I found this to be true during my time at Syracuse, and since his joined the Patriots, he's still been all smiles. Jones met with reporters tonight at Gillette Stadium. And guess what? He was all smiles again. Some highlights:

On if he transition to the NFL has been smooth:

To be honest with you, I'm just treating every day like it's game day. I'm just taking it a day at a time.

On his pass rush repertoire:

You know what? I've known lots of moves, I've seen them done before. But my job right now is to polish my craft. Every day I'm trying to work on each and every move so that I can have two or three moves in effect so that hopefully you can see them on Sundays.

On if he has a favorite move:

I don't have one yet. (laughs)

If he was concerned if his game would transfer to the NFL:

You know what? I had a dream. And my dream was to always play in the NFL. And now that I have this opportunity I [plan on] taking advantage of it.

On getting better every day:

Like I said previously, each and every day I treat it like it's game day. If I'm not walking off the field and I'm not exhausted then I'm not doing my job. So like right now I'm barely breathing so you know... (laughs). So like I said, everyday is game day and I'm waiting for tomorrow.

On communication and asking a lot of questions:

Yeah, coaches are very available. Coach Pat Graham does a great job of teaching me what I need to know to understand this defense and I'm sitting here still a rookie trying to earn respect from the veterans.

You ever stop smiling?

Never, never. I never stop smiling. Never.

On "if he beat the hell out of anybody" during the scrum in practice:

(Laughs) You know, I'm not Jon "Bones" Jones, my name is Chandler.

On transition from Syracuse to the Patriots:

That was in college, and I try to stay away from looking back at college at all. I had a great time at college at Syracuse University, I miss it (editor's note: Aw... Chandler and I have something in common. I miss it too buddy. I feel ya!), but it's another step in my life, another phase in my life, and I'm just moving forward and happy to be a New England Patriot.

On if he's ready physically (in strength) to contibute:

People are always going to ask questions about my ability. No one can believe in you except for yourself. If you can't believe in yourself then who will? So for the people that are saying "you're not ready" or "you're not strong enough"... there's always going to be critics. That's what they do.

As far as strength, that's not what I'm worried about. What I'm trying to do right now is learn this playbook and being a sponge as I said previously and just moving this defense forward.

On the intensity of practice:

The intensity? That's how we practice every day. [I don't know] If you guys are thinking it's different from before, but that's how we practice every day, it's very intense. We treat it like it's game day.

On the coaching style of Doug Marrone, part of the Sean Payton/Bill Parcells coaching tree, and how it's helped him with the NFL and learning under Bill Belichick:

You know, coach Marrone is a great coach, he's a very great coach. And I suggest that every single college athlete, high school athlete to go to Syracuse. He helped you off the field and on the field and that's one thing that I really love about coach Marrone.

On what position he will play in the NFL, standing up or three point stance:

Whatever coach Belichick says. If he says stand up I'm going to stand up if he says "Chandler, get into a three point stance," I'll get into a three point stance.

(Editor's Note: A cookie to the first person to guess the question I asked Chandler).

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