New England Patriots Links 8/16/12 - Brady: "You Can Never Practice Enough"

One more time... Tom Brady knows every play could be better and there's always something to learn.

Field Yates notes the tough stretch ahead for the Pats, but Tom Brady says that's okay with him.

"This week's really felt like training camp, stringing these practices together, but you can never get enough work," he told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. "That's the thing about football: You can never practice enough. The more practice, the better the practices are, the better your team's ultimately going to be."

"It hasn't certainly been all perfect, and it's not going to be, but you've got to be mentally tough enough to push through this time of year and go out tomorrow and try not to make the same mistakes again."

Paul Perillo offers his Wednesday afternoon observations from camp.

-Hernandez spent some time with the running backs at the start of practice, taking handoffs and running short routes while the tight ends went through their routine elsewhere. Shortly thereafter he spent time with trainer Jim Whalen but he immediately returned to the action, perhaps after getting re-taped.

-The 1-on-1 drills once again consisted of defensive backs vs. wide receivers and offensive linemen vs. defensive linemen. Marquice Cole came up with a terrific play, deflecting an out pattern with a quick lunge. Other than that most passes were completed, particularly when Deion Branch and Wes Welker were involved. Both consistently broke free, particularly when running in-cuts across the middle.

-The defense once again enjoyed a strong day. Brandon Spikes was quite active throughout, both in terms of pass rushing and run stopping. Also, Chandler Jones continues to impress with his quickness. He blew in from the right side to stop Shane Vereen deep in the backfield on one early running play.

Brady was consistently forced to take the ball down and look for receivers throughout the afternoon, which is a sign that the coverage was tight. On more than a few occasions he was even forced to leave the pocket in an effort to buy extra time to wait for someone to come open. We should add that Sterling Moore appeared to share reps with Ras-I Dowling as the fifth defensive back. For the most part this summer it’s been Dowling entering as Kyle Arrington has moved inside to the slot. Today Moore received plenty of run.

-Later in the period Brady and Hernandez hooked up on a deep ball, taking advantage of a blown coverage. Tavon Wilson was the closest Patriot but clearly he was not the only one out of position on the play, as Hernandez caught the pass some 45 yards downfield with barely a blue shirt within 10 yards.

-During the punt return work, rookie Nate Ebner knocked over Tim Bulman with a shoulder that appeared to be from behind. Bulman did not like the hit and gestured toward Ebner after the play. The block almost certainly would have drawn a penalty in a game, and was probably a bit more physical than most in a practice setting. Ebner did appear to come up with another interception, this one during 7-on-7s, although it was tough to see through a maze of players.




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