Is there a chance Bill Belichick liked the scrums at practice?

Last week Patriots practices were some of the most intense practices in recent memory with scrums between teammates breaking out on two different days. This is something you would not expect from a Bill Belichick coached team.

Although he comes across as not liking scrums, sending the entire team on three penalty laps Friday, one would have to imagine deep-down Belichick likes these types of things that show the fire and passion of his team… as long as no one gets injured.

“Football is competitive, and we’re in a competitive camp,” Belichick said last week in regards to the scrum at Wednesday night’s practice. “I think some of those things are just part of football.”

Coming off a season where the team lost in the Super Bowl during the final two minutes, it is apparent the team cannot wait to get back into game action and seek revenge for what took place last February. The intensity shown in last weeks practice shows just how ready the team is.

Even the newcomers have been right in the middle of things Linebacker Bobby Carpenter and offensive lineman Ryan Wendell were two of the players to mix it up in Saturday’s practice.

The intensity from a six-year veteran mixing it up with a undrafted free agent who has only started in five NFL games shows just how bad Carpenter wants to make this team.

The same can be said for rookie free agent Darrion Weems getting into it with defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick. Weems isn’t backing down to anyone, and wants to do whatever he can to earn a roster spot.

On Saturday, his birthday, Tom Brady needed to showcase his leadership ability following the penalty laps to get his team back on track, and whatever he said worked as it was reported the team had a great end to practice following Brady’s speech.

Brady is a man on a mission this season. After losing the Super Bowl in 2008, Brady was lost for the season in the season-opener, thus not being able to get his revenge. This will certainly be different for Brady this season, with him turning 35 years old his window is shrinking.

He knows this, and wants his team to be at their best to give them the best chance at winning a championship. Brady addressing the team following the scrums shows he isn’t messing around this season and is the undoubted leader of the team.

In the dog days of summer before a team is able to take to the field and hit a player not on their own team, a little chipiness isn’t going to hurt. It is going to bring out the best in the team and show which players really to make the team and which players maybe aren’t as into it and don't have as much passion.

With a coach who loves competition and is as passionate as Belichick is, the inner Belichick surely cracked a smile when he saw his team mixing it up with one another. It will only make them more ready for not only Thursday’s game with the Saints, but the season-opener next month.

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