Arizona @ Patriots Predictions:

Final score: Patriots 27, Cardinals 13.

If the Cardinals are seriously going to put D'Anthony Batiste at LT like they did vs. Seattle than Chandler Jones is going to make even more impact plays than he did in Tennessee. If the Cards do what the Titans did, rarely providing their own LT any help, this game will get out of hand. Michael Roos, like Jermon Bushrod and Donald Penn, is a good LT. D'Anthony Batiste looks like a G or RT at best. At 6'4, he's actually shorter than the RDE. That isn't suppose to happen on the blindside.

In addition to Batiste being graded by ProFootballFocus as the worst of his position to play Week 1, their Center was also graded as the worst to play their position in Week 1. It's not like Tennessee was stellar with their interior Oline at all, but they at least had good Tackles. The Cards are held to less-than 3 YPC.

Brandon Spikes has a more impactful game than last week. Like with Welker, that shouldn't be hard stat-wise. Spikes always needs a game or so to work off any rust that accumulates from missing games.

The Patriots will attack the 34OLBs early. Acho had a quiet game and Schofield earned PFF's bad-team honors for 34OLBs. The Cards got too much talent around the middle with two very-good 34DEs and two ILBs, so look for them to try running often behind Gronk off the Tackles.

Welker has a more impactful game than last week where he faced a good match-up in Titans DB Verner, who's like a rich-man's Kyle Arrington.

Hernandez or Gronk get less yardage than last week @Tennessee. Adrian Wilson is the reason for this. The good thing for the Pats is Wilson is getting older and even if he were younger he can't cover both TEs at once.

Brandon Lloyd's knowledge against this secondary will prove invaluable. He gets his first Patriot TD.

Brady gets sacked from pressure up the middle.

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