Jack's Keys to the Cardinals

Alas, my fellow readers, I am perplexed. I am waiting for my class to start in about 25 minutes and I've been thinking of what to do to pass the time. So I have come up with a great idea! I'll give you all my useless take on what the pats should do in this up coming game.

Though it's not like any of my thoughts are the exact same with Belichick. I can only imagine the amount of genius in that head of his, and thinking about it right now makes me want to turn monotone and cease all emotional activities (I guess Bill had to sacrifice something to the football Gods).

So now, I can only give a fan's intellectual thoughts on what the pats should do to win this game. Unlike the Titans, the Cards are more talented on defense, but also, unlike the Titans, the Cards are weaker on offense. Yeah they have Larry Fitz, and even Early Doucet and Andre Roberts (two WRs I think are underrated in a way), but Titans have a better OL, better QB, they played Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, , Jared Cook, and Chris Johnson. My main reasons for believing the Titans are better on offense, is their QB and OL, as the receivers and RBs can be debatable.

1. Rush the heck out of Kolb

One of the questions surrounding the pats defense, is whether or not we have a pass rush. We certainly saw some hints of it last game, however we mostly gameplanned to contain Locker in the pocket so he doesn't use his rushing ability to make plays. Kolb is a pocket QB, and also a backup QB. Our DL will throw containment out the window, and rush the heck out of Kolb, or at least try to. Chandler will go up against a not-so-talented guard who is filling in at tackle, and looking out our big guys in the middle, I like the matchups that I see 9also interested in seeing how Cunningham and Nink handle this OL). I also expect to see more blitzes from our LB core. We know how devastating Hightower and Spikes is at blowing up OL on a regular basis, but I'm wondering if they'' have Mayo blitz on the outside as well, seeing as how he can put even more pressure on the OG (or is he really listed as an OT?) who is blocking on that side. Rush Kolb, and good things will happen, and BB likes good things.

2. Shut Larry Fitzgerald down!!

Have you ever dreamed of having Larry Fitzgerald and Tom Brady on the pats, chucking footballs down the field against unfortunate secondaries? Well chances are that you have, and that's because Larry is a tall, beastly WR. Pretty much the only game-breaking weapon the Cards have on offense. So what should we do Captain Bill? If I were BB, and I am not in any way BB, I would merely focus the coverage on him. I mean, to all of you I'm sure that seems quite obvious. I like Ras-I on Fitz because of the height, but I'm not sure if he can keep up with the quickness. So perhaps McCourty is the man to go. But he shouldn't be the only one. I would like some safety help over the top please, as well as a LB or two covering the underneath pass. Which ever side Larry is on, I want that side sealed. Expect a lot of nickel coverage this game with Ras-I and Arrington.

3. Can the OL continue it's streak?

Yes with the OL, I'm considering one good performance a streak. You can't blame me can you? When they do a good job, it's as awesome as Randy Moss's performance against Miami in 2007. But I want to make it clear, that I do not expect them to suck. I expect them to be average, and I hope they are moreso. They are facing a talented DL, and Brady needs all the comfort and care if he is to pick apart a good secondary.

4. Establish a running game please!

This is strangely reflecting my points against the Titans... well that's because I am waiting on seeing if this can be a regular thing. When facing a DL who has a good pass rush, it's natural that you should run the ball more to keep the defense honest, and open up the passing game even more. Coming off a great performance last week against the Titans, Ridley will face a tougher challenge in the Card's run defense, but it's no denying how much talent the kid has. Hopefully he will show the NFL that he is a player to know be reckoned with.

5. Play 60 minutes!

The Card fans on their blog says the Cards do not give up. At all. They apparently have this tremendous resiliency, even into the 4th quarter, so we need to play an absolute complete game. Perhaps putting up 40 points is the cure for such persistence? Don't underestimate the Cards.

Well just got home from class, and I feel good enough to add some extra keys here. But just tid bits really.

1) Try not to throw against Patrick Peterson. Unless Lloyd is making a fool out of him with his Godly route running skills and body control, do not pass it to this man.

2) Vereen is so far healthy in camp! Yay!

3) Oh, and special teams will certainly be important here. Keep Peterson out of the endzone (or even gaining big yardage) and I prefer if Brady has good field position to bad.

Last game my prediction was 34-20. Turns out it was 34-13, but who am I to complain? I was close enough.

This game I am predicting 37-13 Pats. Fitz will have a quiet day. That's right, I said it. A quiet day. The pats will gameplan specifically for him, so I can't think he'll have a 100 yard game with a TD. But I could definitely be wrong. Andre Roberts will grab a TD against us. We'll hold their running game to under 55 yards, and we'll sack Kolb 2-4 times. One from up the middle, probably from Wilfork or Cunningham, one from Chandler, and the other from Nink, who will remind us that he is perfectly fine at the position. I believe it will be 3, but who knows.

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