Gnatecolby's Drive by Drive Analysis of the Defense

[Editor's note: Gnatecolby was having computer issues, so I'm just posting this for him.]

For me the way the NFL and everyone else evaluated the D is useless, total points means nothing. For years the Ravens were close to the top of the league while they were facing almost 2-3 extra drives per game because the offense stunk. The Steelers have been consistently top 5 as well but have faced fewer than the average drives per game because of their running game and TOP dominance. The great defenses give up about 2 points per drive. Less is phenomenal and approaching 3 is not very good. Last year we hovered at 2.3-2.7 all year but were better in the playoffs. The best in the league was the 49ers who I think just under 2. After the break I will provide a brief description of my calculations and how the Patriots are so far this year.....very interesting.

This calculation takes into account field position specifically from turn overs. A touchdown drive of anything less than 50 yards only counts 4 points against the defense, the defense can’t be expected to not allow a FG but should not allow the TD, 3 points is acceptable but 7 is not. So with these calculations, here are the numbers.

Week # Drives # long drive for points Total D points allowed Points per drive

1 11 3 13 1.18

2 12 2 14 1.17

Our D has been consistently phenomenal. 1.18 is ridiculous, the difference in the points totals of 13 in week one and 20 in week two is turnovers resulting in gimme FGs for the opposing team. In week one all of the points came from long 70+ yard drives, if there was to be an improvement it would be here. Otherwise this is phenomenal for a defense. If this standard is maintained we have championship defensive numbers. Last year we were giving up 4-6 long drive of 60+ every game. Many were FGs but it was still way too many. These first two games we also had more drives less than 30 yards meaning we give the O some decent fields to work with, not pinned deep every time like the SB.

Let me know if this is interesting to you, this is how I track defense because I think it’s the best measure to see if they are performing within their circumstance.

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