The Edelman conspiracy is about monsters.

Brady throws to three receivers...without injury, who cares who catches the other 37 passes this year? We Know Edelman will get his share of the last 37.

Hoyer is gone....because he didn't cut it? Because Mallett did? Neither? Edelman at #3 QB is enough? You didn't know he threw for more yards than any other QB in Kent State history? Do you know how many reps Edelman had in the super bowl...on defense?

The entire lack of no huddle in the pre season. Not one no huddle...well, almost none. This is because Edelman at #3 is a drop back passer who needs a huddle because he never plays. It's just one of those things.

Just exactly what are Ebner and Wilson? I followed the draft and am confused. I have determined that it is part of the Edelman conspiracy.

This is the only way I can explain the rugby guy and the Wilson guy...they were drafted to take the place of Julian Edelman.....not at QB or receiver or kick return, he's got those spots locked up..I mean

Line backers are getting smaller so they can drop into coverage on EVERY play and cornerbacks are getting bigger to deal with assorted Gronks miss matching the spit out of secondaries leaving a gaping hole for....two freaking draft picks? Wilson was picked about 140 slots too be a monster? What? Ebner has a solid background

Edelman played rover/dog/monster last season. These two guys are going to replace him....finally.

Belichick calls them "safeties" so opposing teams won't know the truth until it is too late. Their job is to read the QB and fill...I think. Edelman would either shadow the QB or tackle some ball carrier who was way bigger than him...kinda cool if you watched the highlights.

NFL defense has changed and our home town team has two new monsters...small monsters who will take some of the heat off of our third string QB...phew! I was worried there for a second.

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