It's not the D. It's not the Refs. It's the O-line that lost this game.

First, the Ravens played a very good game.

Second, the refs sucked for both sides.

Third, the D collapsed on itself again in the second half, though points one and two both played factors here.

Forth, 30 points is a very good night - but it's not good enough

You have to be able to run in the 4th Q in the NFL. You have to be able to convert short down and distances. You need to do all of this without having to employ your All Pro tight end as a blocker vs target.

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I think McDaniels had a good balance of run/pass in this game and the run game was effective in spots. But the offensive line like was getting throttled last night and at the end of the day the Pats once again couldn't run when it counted. In the red zone where the Pats had to settle for 3 vs take 7, on clock killing drives where they needed to chew yards and time, the Oline couldn't get it done. Sure some calls didn't work out, but more then that I saw a Oline get over matched for the second week in a row.

Josh made some good in-game adjustments, but when on of the adjustments you make is to bring your all pro TE in as a blocker -those are reactive vs proactive adjustments.

The offensive line has to start winning their battles, they've got to address blitz assignments and the need to stop allowing multiple defenders into the backfield/pocket within 3 second of the snap. The Oline has to be able to execute when it counts, or the offense stumbles.

The Pats were in control of much of last nights game, but as the Ravens were allowed to hang around they were able to work over the Pats D and eventually the D was winded, had no confidence and was stuck out on the field forced to hold a lead that really shouldn't have been in question. You win with your best unit on the field.

Vs Buffalo, which feels like a tougher game than it should be right now, I'd like to see a 60/40 run/pass start to the game. Give the Oline a chance to establish themselves against what we know will be an aggressive pass rush. Makes sense against the D they Pats are facing and makes sense to try and help the Oline gain confidence for later in the game.

Winning in the trenches is as much about mental toughness as it is skill. When you spend the majority of the game stepping back into pass protection vs driving forward to run block it's rather hard to command the line when it counts.

Oline needs to get into a more consistent run block rhythm early, so the offense can start to close out the games like they did in week 1 vs week 3.

Mo Bettah Run focus please!

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