Takeaways from the Bills game

If the Patriots can play like they did in that 2nd half for the whole game then they will make it far...

-The play calling was annoying. Josh McDaniels made some bad calls but fortunately he found out the Bills weakness during halftime and ran the ball more.

-Speaking of running the ball more. I really like the young RB core we have growing in the backfield. Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden proved to be a vicious running tandem. And although not much can be said about Vereen...I do believe that a little ways down the road he will take Danny Woodhead's spot. And keep in mind Jeff Demps will prove to be a threat next year! But...congrats to Ridley and Bolden the pair of RB's that both rushed for more that 100 yards today.

-The offensive line played great even without it's best player...Logan Mankins. I was surprised with Donald Thomas and how he turned things around from his poor showing when Arizona came to town. But the whole line was great and they controlled the Bills stacked line, while also opening up many holes in the run game. Very solid performance.

-Brandon Spikes had a big game. He caused two forced fumbles in the game and it seems to be his trademark play. He lays out vicious hits and it usually knocks the ball out of it's with Ryan Williams in the Arizona game.

-Devin McCourty played a good game. He stood his own while bringing in 2 interceptions. (Making up for his 2 missed interceptions vs Baltimore) There seems to be a knock on McCourty again this year. Why? I think he is playing up to his rookie year performance. His coverage has been great and he has been great defending the run. If he can routinely make plays like he did today then the secondary as a whole will look better. They need a leader and McCourty needs to step up to the plate.

-Keeping the theme in the secondary...Patrick Chung and Kyle Arrington may both be tied for the worst players in the secondary. Arrington has been awful in coverage. It is unacceptable and I fully expect the Patriots to find a replacement in the offseason...or I would like to see Ras-I Dowling take his spot as the #2 CB across from McCourty. Now as for Patrick Chung, he is routinely showing poor instincts and he is always a second late on making plays on the well as being awful in coverage. The defense actually played better when Tavon Wilson came in for him. And Wilson is very efficient shutting down tight-ends and he showed good coverage and instincts.

-Where has Dowling been anyways? Dowling didn't play one snap. Sterling Moore has been coming on in the nickel package. Dowling has shown glimpses of a shut down why is he not playing? I wish I knew the answer but it is something to monitor. Not that Sterling Moore has been playing too bad but Dowling should be higher on the depth chart.

-I came away from this game very impressed with rookie CB Stephon Gilmore. He handled Brandon Lloyd very well. And he almost came down with an interception on Brady in the endzone.

-Chandler Jones is great...what else? Oh and Dont'a Hightower's hamstring injury is all "good." He should be fine.

-Rob Ninkovich showed up today. He showed some speed coming off the edge and nothing his first sack of the season.

-Ouch when Vince Wilfork became a all know the play I'm talking about.

Overall, it was a solid outing from the Patriots but they made some sloppy mistakes. They will tidy things up as the season goes on in order to make a championship run.

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