Why We Are Lucky To Be Patriots Fans

What is the point of sport? Sport has no intrinsic value. Winning for its own sake achieves nothing. Sports is about entertainment. We play sport because we have fun doing it (direct entertainment), and we watch sport - and support our teams because their success and the pleasure of watching them play well provides us with entertainment. We can live vicariously through others.

At a certain point, however, we can start forgetting why we play and watch sport. We start ignoring the entertainment aspect, and begin to see sport as war. However, what is the point of winning if the game itself is boring? Why follow football over darts, or over competitive spelling bees or even Scrabble? If all that matters is my team/tribe/organisation winning, then it doesn't matter what the winning is. We start drifting closer to a type of sports fan that resembles the classic degenerate gambler, someone who will bet $10 on anything from which leaf will fall of a tree first to which ice cube will melt last.

So, sports is about entertainment. And with the Patriots, we are doubly blessed. We have ridiculous quantities of success - which is nice. But even more importantly, we have a team that plays BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL.


The Patriots play aggressively. They play an open game. They take risks, and they score a ridiculous amount of points. They are the 1970 Brasil of American Football, or perhaps the 1970s Ajax. They are the 2000s Australian test cricket team, or the Brumbies in their Super 12 heyday (forgive the Antipodean references).

The offence is an intricate machine. There is no 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust mentality. There are formations, shifts, options, an entire fascinating machine bound together through the combined geniuses of TB12, Bill, and Josh McDaniels/O'Brien.

There are other teams that are as good as us. The Broncos. The Falcons. The Packers. None of them, and I emphasise this, none of them is as ENTERTAINING as us. Other teams may connect on the occasional long bomb and score a lot of points - the Seahawks racked up 150 in 3 weeks. But none of them have such an intricate passing game, a tiki-taka like the current Barcelona football team, none of them are willing to try so many things.

Other teams sometimes play NOT to lose. Belichick plays to win first and foremost. Even if we had an 8-8 season, we'd still have played more entertaining football than all of the teams above us.

And really, that's what matters in the end.

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